Snap Clap for Android takes better selfies with a clap of your hands

The average selfie can look a little strange, oddly framed and at a weird angle as you strain to fit everybody in. Usually no-one cares -- it’s supposed to be spontaneous, that’s that point -- but sometimes you just can’t get any kind of picture, no matter what you try.

Snap Clap is a simple Android app which helps out by taking a photo when you clap your hands.

No stretching or contortions is required, just position the camera as required, walk into shot and clap your hands. A four second countdown and a flashing light tells you Snap Clap has activated, then the photo is taken.

If you’re happy with these default settings then there’s nothing else at all to do. Launch the app to see the camera view, point it in the right direction, and that’s about it.

There are also a few camera control options, with icons to select the front or back camera, or tweak the flash settings (on/ off/ auto).

You also get a camera grid, a slider for app’s audio volume, and the countdown can be set to 2, 4 or 6 seconds.

Any photos you take are just a tap away in their own gallery, and you can edit or share them from there.

Unsurprisingly, Snap Clap doesn’t always work quite as it should. Once we activated it just with the sound of typing. With our phone in another position, it refused to fire at all.

We still managed around a 90 percent success rate, though -- this was in a relatively quiet indoor environment, but it’s still impressive. Sure, buying a Bluetooth remote control would probably get you more reliable results, but we’d recommend you try Snap Clap first.

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