Instantly generate sketched characters with DrawWiz


DrawWiz is an easy-to-use app, Windows and Mac program which instantly generates professional sketches of female cartoon characters.

There's no artistic ability required, fortunately. The app provides hundreds of pre-drawn elements -- situations, face shapes, hair styles, eyes, nose, mouth -- and all you have to do is pick the ones you need.

You begin with a template sketch of a character. There are more than 120 available, some in specific situation -- shopping, cooking, eating, studying, dancing, more -- while others are just figures.

If this starting point isn't what you need, then you can just click another, maybe have her walking the dog, or riding a bicycle.

It's much the same story when you start to customize other details, replacing her hairstyle, adding some sunglasses, whatever it might be. And although this mix-and-match approach sounds very basic, the wide range of options did hold our interest for a while.

Choosing a mouth, for example, doesn't just define the shape of the lips. It also conveys various expressions: happy, sad, surprised, angry. Eyes can be sleepy, tired, maybe flirty. Or you might tweak the sketch further with tears, scars, a plaster, earrings and more, all helping to give your character some real personality.

There are also options to tweak basic elements like ink color and background, and, once you're happy, the sketch can be saved as an image for re-use wherever you like.

DrawWiz is a very basic app, then, but saved by the range and quality of its artwork. If you can use this type of sketch, go take a look.

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