New Nanoleaf LED bulb dims without a dimmer switch


In a strange twist, lightbulbs have become a part of today's technology world. It's all part of the Internet of Things -- home devices that aren't computers, but still utilize the home network for control. We've seen this being a bad thing, but mostly it seems to be good. After all who doesn't want to turn on the lights when getting close to home.

The latest is a Kickstarter project, the Nanoleaf Bloom, which is now ten days away from closing. The goal has been reached, but there is still time for buyers to secure one of the early models.

The bulb, while a bit odd looking, has an interesting feature -- it can be dimmed without aid of an actual dimmer switch. When desired brightness level is reached then a normal light switch can be flipped off and back on to lock in the level. It also touts low power usage -- "it reaches 75 watts of light with only 10 watts of energy usage, all while remaining cool to the touch", according to the makers.

It is not particularly cheap -- a single bulb will set you back $40. However, it's likely that potential customers can purchase with a level of confidence, as this isn't the first bulb produced by the people behind it.

The project has already soared past its goal, and plans to make the product available in November. Customers will be able to purchase direct or from retailers like Amazon.

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