Easy Solutions adopts DMARC to fight phishing attacks


Phishing attacks attempting to steal user credentials have become a common occurrence in recent years and made people wary of trusting anything they receive in email.

Fraud protection specialist Easy Solutions is aiming to help restore that trust by adopting the DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance) specification to allow its customers to improve productivity and speed detection of phishing sites.

A DMARC industry group was formed in 2012 by a number of technology, financial service, media and retail companies. Its aim is to fight email fraud, helping email senders and receivers work together to better secure emails and protect users and businesses from abuse.

Using the DMARC technical specification email senders can authenticate legitimate messages and exchange information with email receivers about how to handle unauthenticated traffic by monitoring, quarantine or deletion.

The technology has been implemented by major email providers including Google and Microsoft, as well as large financial institutions and retailers, such as Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, eBay, Facebook, FedEx and more.

"Fraudulent email and orchestrated attacks have eroded trust in email as a communications medium to such an extent that it is nearly impossible for major financial institutions, retailers and marketers to authentically communicate with their customers," says Daniel Ingevaldson, CTO of Easy Solutions. "DMARC shows great promise, not only for securing email channels and reducing the amount of fraudulent or spoofed email but also for improving threat intelligence around targeted attacks. DMARC gives banks, retailers and other institutions the power to effectively project their own policy to the world on how fraudulent email is handled. We are pleased to offer our customers the ability to leverage this emerging standard to improve the health of email communication, reducing the asymmetry they face in this battle against fraudsters".

You can find out more about Easy Solution's fraud protection platform and how it can help businesses stay safe across a variety of channels and platforms on the company's website.

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