Apple Store 3.0 debuts new universal app for iPad and iPhone, adds new Stores tab

Apple store

Ahead of its latest iPhone event extravaganza, Apple has released a refreshed version of its store app for iOS with the release of Apple Store 3.0, which becomes a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

The universal app replaces the old iPad-only version, and means that iPad users outside the US can now access the Apple Store app on their device. Other changes include the ability to start shopping on one device, then finish on another. Also added is a new Stores tab providing local information based on the user’s current location.

The major change for iOS users is the relaunch of the app in universal format for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. This means iPhone and iPod touch users now enjoy the same, minimalist design and "more refined" navigation and imagery as the old (and now defunct) iPad version, which only made its bow last fall, and was restricted to US customers only.

The new release also adds a new Stores tab, which puts users in touch with the stores closest to them. The update is designed to make it easier for Apple to showcase events and workshops at local stores. iPad users can also use this section to make One to One reservations.

As part of a wider Apple Store update, users can now start shopping on one device -- including PC or Mac -- and then finish on another.

The timing of the new app is no doubt deliberate, as it neatly pre-dates Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6 event on 9 September. Apple Store 3.0 is available now as a free download for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 7.0 or later.

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