NoSpyProxy wants to put your data and identity out of reach of the NSA


Since the Edward Snowden revelations that governments as well as hackers were likely to be snooping on your internet activity it's been widely assumed that there's no such thing as safe online access.

VPN specialist CyberGhost has other ideas and has been seeking funding via Indiegogo for what it calls a NoSpyProxy. The company's VPN already uses AES256 military-grade encryption to protect passwords, bank accounts and other details as well as obscuring locations and IP addresses. It now aims to make things even more secure by placing the data center hardware under the control of an additional layer of security. This will put CyberGhost in control of the whole process from login through encryption protocol, key management and finally also the server itself.


CyberGhost's NoSpyProxy will be setup and taken care of by its own Certified Security Specialists and will serve to protect people all around the world from mass surveillance, hackers, data and identity theft. It refers to this not as a data center but as a "no-data" center, a new generation of working technical unit that is built to protect people's privacy and security online.

It aims to make this the blueprint for more NoSpy nodes that can be easily rolled out in other countries and regions.

This is obviously a popular idea as the company has managed to reach its $70,000 funding target in just 14 days. "We are so excited that our #NoSpyProxy campaign has reached its initial goal and we managed to draw attention on this important subject of online privacy. We're sure that more victories of privacy will follow, but every citizen has to take responsibility for his own online privacy and personal data by using trustful encryption services," says Robert Knapp, the CEO of CyberGhost VPN.

If you're interested in finding out more and maybe contributing to the funding you can visit the project's Indegogo page.

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