Netflix officially comes to Ubuntu Linux by way of Google's Chrome browser


As a Linux user, I understand the pain of using it exclusively on the desktop. Sure, you may find that a Linux distribution does everything you want, until it doesn't. Life is known to throw curve-balls, and new needs and wants often come along to spoil the party. Oh, a new obscure piece of hardware has been released? Sorry, no Linux support. Oh you want to watch Netflix? Sorry buddy, Linux is not welcome -- or is it?

Actually, starting today, Netflix is now compatible with Linux; well technically, only Ubuntu and only on the Chrome browser. Still, the open source desktop community is in need of a win, so I'll chalk it up as one. Despite the narrow availability, Netflix is here -- fire up that System76 laptop and get watching!

"Thanks to recent efforts at Netflix and Canonical, Ubuntu now supports watching Netflix with Chrome version 37. Chrome is available to all Ubuntu users with up-to-date installations of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 14.04 LTS and later. Netflix subscribers who already use Ubuntu can now watch simply by installing the Chrome browser", says Canonical.

The company further explains, "Netflix gives Ubuntu users the ability to watch TV shows and movies from many devices. Now Ubuntu users are able to easily join the millions of Netflix members worldwide in streaming their favorite content directly to their Ubuntu desktop. Head over to Netflix to start your free trial subscription today".

While Ubuntu is a fine distro, I prefer Fedora with the Firefox browser -- if I am going to use Linux, I am going to try and be as open source as possible. Unfortunately, Chrome is not open source, even though it is based on the Chromium project. If you already use Ubuntu and Chrome, hey, more power to you; however, many die-hard Linux enthusiasts will likely decry the need of a specific distro and specific closed source browser. Think about it, such practices seem to contrast the traditional open source and free ideology; but hey, at least you can watch re-runs of Malcom in the Middle, right?

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