Snapchat talks API, warns about a hacked third-party app

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Snapchat has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. But for software and apps popularity also means becoming a bigger target. There's been no shortage of news recently regarding systems being breached, with Kmart being the most recent victim.

In this case the victim isn't Snapchat, at least not directly, but a third-party app that uses the chat service's API. While the company is happy that so many want to use its API, it felt forced to issue a warning to the folks who decide to use these apps.

In this case, the victim was an app called Snapsaved, and it has apparently been breached and user data compromised. The service allows for photo editing and is available for both iOS and Android.

"Over the past few days we’ve fielded a number of questions about our API and third-party applications after a website that offered to save Snaps indicated that their database had been breached. We are grateful that the service provider acknowledged that Snapchat was never compromised, but we wanted to use this as an opportunity to reiterate the unfortunate threats these third-party applications can pose to our community", Snapchat says in a statement.

The company goes on to warn users about these third-party apps. "When you give your login credentials to a third-party application, you’re allowing a developer, and possibly a criminal, to access your account information and send information on your behalf".

This is certainly wise advice for any app you plan to use, Snapchat or otherwise. The service plans to enhance its security measures and make sure that Apple and Google take down third-party apps that don't meet its requirements. It also states that it does not provide a public API and restricts access to the private one.

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