XMind 6 adds 'export to Evernote'

XMind-200-175XMind has released XMind 6 (aka v3.5.0), a significant update for its popular mind mapping application.

The Free, Plus ($79) and Pro (currently on special offer at $99) editions can all now save maps to Evernote -- images, attachment and text -- making it easy to access them on different devices.

XMind 6 Plus has improved export to Excel, and brand new export to Open Office (ODF), while XMind 6 Pro can save your finished results to Microsoft Project.

Elsewhere, the program adds 20 themes, styles and markers. A new Theme Editor provides new ways to edit them, or build your own from scratch. And you can now package your themes, templates, markers and more into"Resource Bundles", a convenient way to share them with other team members,

Map creation is improved with a smarter brainstorming mode, and an Index Mode can index your topics in various ways: alphabetically, by markers, labels, start/end date or assignees.

Interface improvements include a reorganized toolbar and View menu, an improved context menu and a new colour picker.

There are many smaller but very welcome tweaks, everywhere you look. For example, XMind for Mac can now equip your system with Java 7 itself, no need for manual installation. And an option to hide paid features in the menu and toolbar should make life easier for users of the free build.

XMind 6 is available now.

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