Wearable technology market grows -- Asus releases ZenWatch


Wearable technology is here, though not everyone seems to be on board with the 'trend'. Still, the market is growing and existing products are evolving to do more. Pebble has just released a new batch of updates featuring the ability to order Domino's pizza, new watchfaces and several other apps available to its customers.

Now Asus, known for its computers and tablets, is releasing its entry into the market, announcing the ZenWatch. The new model is utilizing AndroidWear and features a classy look, with a nice face and stitched leather band.

"The stitched leather strap and curved, stainless steel body make the ZenWatch both comfortable and attractive to wear. It also has a curved glass display, which provides a smooth surface for easy gestures, and a beautiful window for watch faces", says Jeff Chang, senior product manager for AndroidWear.

The watch also includes a set of tools that can track your movements and exercise, as well as rest. "The ZenWatch includes a unique set of sensors that help you keep track of your heart rate, step count, and even relaxation levels", Chang points out.

The watch is now available through both Google Play and Best Buy, retailing for $199.99. The price, while more than a Pebble, isn't bad. It certainly has the looks to attract buyers, but not everyone is sold on this technology just yet.

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