Email is 2014's best digital marketing tool


Technology has had a major impact on the world of marketing, making it possible to target customers more accurately than ever before.

However, when it comes to selecting the best tool to deliver a message there's still confusion, especially since the rise in importance of social networks. A new survey by email marketing brand Campaigner looks at the technologies businesses see as most effective as part of their marketing effort.

The results show that email remains a favorite channel with 60 percent of respondents rating it as the best return on investment generator. Looking ahead to next year 76 percent plan to invest in email will with 33 percent investing in social media.

Newer methods like mobile are developing slowly with 36 percent reporting that it won't impact their marketing strategy and 39 percent saying they’re still researching the technology. Mobile payments are seen to have limited impact too, with 87 percent saying that Apple Pay won't have an impact on their 2015 marketing strategies.

"2014 has been a year of evolution in the marketing industry. Given the introduction of tech advances like Google's Inbox, the new Promotions tab, Twitter's Buy Button and Apple Pay, the modern day marketer has a lot to consider when developing 2015 strategies," says EJ McGowan, general manager at Campaigner. "In order for marketers to effectively stay up-to-speed, they should regularly monitor consumer reactions to new innovations and adjust strategies accordingly. Moving into 2015, I predict email will remain a significant investment in overall planning, with added emphasis on the mobile commerce movement".

An overview of the survey results along with hints for marketers for the coming year is in infographic form below.

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