NirSoft's WirelessConnectionInfo displays in-depth Wi-Fi stats


NirSoft has announced the release of WirelessConnectionInfo, a free tool which displays detailed stats on the active Wi-Fi connection under Windows Vista and later.

The WirelessConnectionInfo report displays 90 items, including network SSID, PHY Type (802.11n, say), signal quality, security algorithm, channel and more.

Although the program displays this information in the usual NirSoft table, it’s not just static text. There are also statistics covering various areas (unicast/ multicast packets, 802.11g, 802.11n, high-rate DSSS), and you're able to watch these received/ transmitted/ retry/ success/ failure counts as they’re updated in real time.

WirelessConnectionInfo allows its various details to be saved on demand as a text report, and there are also command line options enabling you to automate the process.

The program interface isn't ideal, particularly for real-time monitoring. You can't decide which values you’d like to display; there’s plenty of horizontal scrolling required to view everything, and you can’t stop monitoring on demand.

WirelessConnectionInfo is just a single executable, though, a mere 79.5KB in size, so limitations are probably to be expected. In reality the program does the job it's designed to do, providing an easy and portable way to view useful wireless statistics (though not on XP), and that's just about good enough for us.

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