New business collaboration platform secures data with personalized cryptography

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Data security is a big concern for both individuals and businesses. This doesn't only apply to the public face of a business, but to exchange of information and collaboration between employees too.

Canadian company Witkit is launching a new platform that allows the creation of teams and groups within industries, companies, and departments to tackle projects and solve problems collectively, with the safety and security of knowing their data cannot be breached.

"Our intention with Witkit is to make the first fully encrypted global collaboration platform so that companies and individuals can more easily reap the benefits that socialized teamwork brings to their business challenges," says Sean Merat, president and CEO of Witkit.

Witkit is a modular platform that works by allowing users to create tailored workspaces. These center on 'Kits' -- virtual groups based on specific topics or projects. Within each Kit, members can upload and access shared files, initiate and contribute to group discussions, post and respond to team tasks, and use a single synchronized calendar.

Additional features include secure storage using proprietary encryption, along with messenger and video conferencing services.

Kits can be made private or public and users are able to participate in multiple Kits at the same time. A single dashboard and news feed collates all of a user's memberships in one place.

"The vast majority of breaches today happen on a centralized system which contains sensitive user data," says Merat. "WitCrypt technology ensures that the encryption and decryption of user data is only done on user devices locally. All data that is sent to the Witkit servers is fully encrypted and can only be decrypted by the user's WitCrypt passphrase. We can confidently say that we've minimized most, if not all the risk, to user data being hacked. That is to say that in the unlikely event that the Witkit servers are compromised, there will be no decrypted data to be found".

For more information visit the Witkit website, the first 50,000 people who sign up for the platform will get 50GB of encrypted storage and all available applications for free.

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