What happens when Microsoft meets Minecraft?


Microsoft and Minecraft are two of the biggest entities in their respective fields -- software and gaming. While the former captures most desktop users, the latter has become an almost obsessive fascination for kids and even many adults. Logic dictated the two should team up, and that's exactly what happened when Microsoft bought Mojang and Minecraft last year.

As a testament to the partnership, two kids -- Alec Baron and Alessio Tosolini -- are using Minecraft in a cool and geeky way. The work, according to the boys, took more than 100 hours of collaboration. When they were finished, they had recreated the Microsoft Production Studios in Minecraft.

The youths even got to show off the project as a presentation at Microsoft. The visit also included meetings with company officials. As one person put it, it's "an example of how gaming was used to bridge the corporate world with education in an innovative way".

There's a full video of everything posted below to allow everyone to enjoy the exuberance and innovation of tomorrow's future. It's quite a tour of a facility that most of us will never get the chance to see.

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