Highlight key text on web pages with Super Simple Highlighter for Chrome

SuperSimpleHighlighter-300x188You're working on some web research project, part way through a lengthy page, when it's time to go and do something else. Annoying, because while you can bookmark the site, when you next return you’ll still have to find all the most important quotes and paragraphs all over again.

Super Simple Highlighter is a Chrome extension which makes it easy to highlight one or more sections of a page, restoring them when you return (usually) so you can carry on where you left off.

The highlighting process works more or less as we’d expect: select some text with the mouse, right-click and choose your preferred color from the extension menu (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Purple, Gray).


The highlight should be restored if you go to another page and come back later, and this mostly worked for us, but it's not guaranteed (it all depends on the site design). The easiest way to check is just to press F5, refreshing the page, to see if your selection "sticks". If it's all working as expected then you can highlight as many other sections as you like.

Super Simple Highlighter also adds a marker pen icon to the address bar when there’s highlighted text in the current page. Selecting this displays all your chosen sections, making it easier to review them all together. You can also run a simple text search on the items, or open them in a new tab for review or saving.

An Options menu displays a list of all the pages where you’ve highlighted something, convenient if you’d like to return, but maybe also a privacy risk. You can remove individual pages as required, though, or wipe the full set with a click.

Super Simple Highlighter isn’t the most capable of web research tools. But to be fair, that’s probably why it's called "Super Simple", and if you just need a simple highlighter -- and the extension can preserve selected text across your favorite sites -- then it could be a great choice.

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