Pre-order Windows 10 Professional OEM for $149.99

Pre-order Windows 10 Professional OEM for $149.99

Microsoft has been promising that Windows 10 will see the light of day this summer for a while now, and current rumors suggest that we might hit RTM as early as July. Now a new listing on Newegg reveals -- perhaps -- that the Windows 10 release date is pegged for 31 August.

A pre-order listing for the OEM version of Windows 10 Professional has popped up on the site with a price tag of $149.99. Windows 10 Home OEM is listed for $109.99 Based on the previous pricing for OEM versions of Windows, it's fair to assume that this is the full version rather than the upgrade edition. The suggested release dates aside, the first thing that many people will jump on is the fact that Windows 10 has a price tag at all...


Microsoft has only said that upgrades from Windows 7 and Windows 8.x will be free of charge within the first year. There will be people who are upgrading from an older version of Windows, or are building a machine from scratch and need a full version of Windows to get up and running. This is who this version is aimed at.

Microsoft is yet to officially announce any sort of release schedule beyond 'summer' and the date has not been confirmed. It's entirely possible that this was a mistake by Newegg or wishful thinking, but it could just as easily be a guess on the website's part, or even just a marketing ploy. In the meantime, we probably have at least a few more preview builds to look forward to as we draw closer and closer to gold code.

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