IT heads want scalable, secure mobile app platforms

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Developing mobile and web-based continues to present a major challenge for enterprises, especially with regard to the costs associated with infrastructure and DevOps.

A new survey of 200 technology decision makers by mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) company moBack shows that 80 percent of respondents, including both large and small businesses, consider mobile app development very important and essential for their business.

Of the respondents 65 percent say they're currently using cloud-based platforms such as BaaS or MBaaS to develop mobile apps. However, some of the challenges they face include sourcing the right technical skills, speed of delivery and flexibility for rapid app development.

Scalability is cited as important by 80 percent, cost reduction capabilities by 80 percent and customization for business specific functions by 81 percent. 75 percent of the respondents indicated ease of use as being very important and essential in a MBaaS platform. Two-thirds want or highly value the ability of a MBaaS platform to customize, include their organization’s business specific functions and reduce cost. Cost and security are cited as the deciding characteristic of 70 percent of all technology decision-makers.

"From our experience in building apps for enterprises across various industry segments, we find that the need for adopting mobile technologies is becoming a top priority in order to stay ahead of competition," says Dev Gandhi, CEO of moBack. "The challenge most IT executives face is to achieve this in a cost-effective manner, while also maintaining control over business-critical information. moBack's MBaaS platform aims to provide enterprise IT the control and flexibility it needs to deploy mobile services, while saving considerable costs".

More information on the results is available on the moBack website and there's a summary of the findings in infographic form below.


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