Using freelance talent to plug the developer skills gap

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There is a growing skills gap in the apps economy. As businesses become increasingly software-driven, this gap becomes more obvious than ever, and hiring managers are faced with a constant struggle to find the skilled developers they need.

Yet a new survey by freelance work marketplace Upwork suggests that there are developers around the world who have time available and are actively seeking work to fill it.

The company surveyed more than 1,000 of the most successful coders on its platform. The results suggest that developers choose to offer their services on a freelance basis in order to have a more flexible work pattern, earn better pay and get to work on more interesting projects. Freelance developers work an avearge of 32 hours per week and 55 percent expect to be working longer hours in the next year.

What does this mean for managers looking to hire developers? They need to properly set out the details of their projects and over time build up trust with their developers by collecting feedback on how projects have gone. They also need to be realistic about rates of pay and about the timescale of the project.

You can see a summary of the survey results in infographic form below.

Freelance developer infographic

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