Will you buy an Apple iPhone 6s? [Poll]

Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Over the weekend my colleague Brian Fagioli revealed he'd pre-ordered his first iPhone, and detailed the reasons for making the switch from Android. He opted for the 128 GB super-sized 6s Plus model.

I also pre-ordered the new Apple phone over the weekend. My reasons for doing so aren’t exactly worthy of a special post -- I have an iPhone 5s and it’s time to upgrade. As much as I like my wife’s HTC One M9, and most of Samsung’s flagship phones, I love the iPhone, and its apps, and the 6s offers enough new functionality -- 3D Touch in particular -- to make upgrading a no brainer. I also opted for the 128 GB size, but I went with the pocket-friendly iPhone 6s. No plus size for me, thanks.

Whereas Brian went for the gold model, I opted for space gray. I’m happy with the dull shade, and besides it will be inside a case pretty much all of the time, so I’ll never really see the back of the device.

I don’t dislike Android, I’m not worried about the lack of updates for it, or the (overblown) security issues, I just prefer iOS as an operating system, and the iPhone’s design and features in general. Sure, it is lacking in some areas, but it’s an incredibly polished product, and I really like Apple Pay on my Watch, so it will be good to have that feature on my phone too.

But the reason for this article isn’t to tell you why I chose to pre-order the Apple iPhone 6s, but to gauge how many BetaNews readers plan to also purchase one of Apple's new phones.

Take the time to answer the poll and let me know your reasons for voting the way you have in the comments below.

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