New cloud platform improves big data performance and reliability

Big data cloud

For the typical enterprise, running big data platforms like Hadoop and Spark is complex and resource intensive, and the challenges only increase as data volumes expand.

Big data as a service specialist Altiscale is releasing the latest version of its Hadoop and Spark platform in the cloud, offering full operations support and elastic scalability. It ensures that customers can focus on the value they get from big data, while liberating them from the hassles of data management.


Altiscale Data Cloud 4.0 features expert advisory services to help customers establish analytical jobs. It also has full operational support to ensure that workloads complete successfully and a high performance cloud infrastructure that has been specifically built and tuned for fast Big Data processing. The Spark-as-a-Service offering comes with Hadoop YARN for resource management, as well as a full workbench of data science tools.

In addition it addresses the challenges that organizations face with rapid advancements in Spark development, which can hinder applications that were built for earlier versions. To help customers absorb the change at their own pace, Altiscale offers full support of all major recent Apache Spark versions (1.5.0, 1.4.1, and 1.3.1). Customers not only have access to the latest features and performance improvements for Spark, but will also be able to run earlier versions that may be necessary for existing analytical applications or data analysis.

"Altiscale is dedicated to providing its customers with a full breadth of production-ready big data analytical options. That's why we've been active in the Spark community from the very beginning," says Raymie Stata, CEO and founder of Altiscale. "It's also why Altiscale is ensuring that we support all major recent versions of Spark. Spark is evolving so rapidly that we want to ensure anything our customers rely on for Big Data analytics continues to be there for them".

The company will be at the Strata+Hadoop World conference from Sept 29 to Oct 2 in New York, or you can find out more on the Altiscale website.

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