Free software suite helps users get started with big data

Big data

Many businesses are put off making use of big data by the costs and complexity of the software and infrastructure involved.

Enterprise data management specialist Solix Technologies is aiming to break down this barrier by making the Standard Edition of its Solix Big Data Suite available free of charge.


Built on a single node cluster and packaged in a virtual environment, Solix Big Data Suite Standard Edition is based on the company’s full suite. It features reports archiving, file achiving and Solix Secure Search Analytics to allow users to prove their enterprise archiving on Hadoop use cases.

"Eighty percent of the data generated by enterprises is unstructured, be it files, reports, videos, images, logs, or clicks," says Sai Gundavelli, CEO of Solix. "Archiving all of that in a secure central repository, built on commodity storage, compute and open source Hadoop, should equate to huge infrastructure cost savings for enterprises".

The Standard Edition software includes file share archiving which gives users the ability to archive files from network file shares into Apache Hadoop, supporting NAS devices, Windows shares and Unix shares.

It has a Solix Virtual Printer to capture print streams directly into Apache Hadoop in a compliant and searchable PDF/A format. Applications can print data directly to the Solix Virtual Printer to preserve documents and reports, and access them through a user-friendly search interface.

There's also a unified archive for storage optimization, built-in full text search and reporting capabilities, and integrated information lifecycle management to deal with retention management and legal hold requirements.

You can find more information and download the Solix Big Data Suite Standard Edition on the company's website.

Image Credit: Maksim Kabakou/Shutterstock

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