KaOS 2015.10 KDE-focused Linux distro available now


While I am a GNOME fan, I recognize how wonderful KDE is too. If you prefer a traditional desktop user interface, KDE is a smart choice. Not only is it it easy to use for beginners, but it offers a ton of customization options for advanced users too.

There are quite a few KDE-based Linux distros, such as Kubuntu, Linux Mint KDE, and Netrunner, but the lesser known KaOS offers a more pure experience. This distro has a goal of remaining lean, while being fairly bleeding edge regarding KDE packages -- it is a great showcase for the desktop environment. Today, version 2015.10 sees release, and you can download it now.


"This ISO is the first time that the default XFS filesystem is CRC and finobt enabled. CRCs enable enhanced error detection due to hardware issues, whilst the format changes also improves crash recovery algorithms and the ability of various tools to validate and repair metadata corruptions when they are found. The free inode btree does not index used inodes, allowing faster, more consistent inode allocation performance as filesystems age", says The KaOS Team.

The team further explains, "changes to SDDM, kwin and kinit make it now possible to start a Plasma Wayland session right from the login manager. An X11 session is of course still default, but the drop-down menu has now a wayland entry too. The default web-browser Qupzilla is one of the first applications that heavily relied on X11 in its code that now is fully ported to run a Wayland session too".

KaOS lists the following notable package updates.

  • Frameworks 5.14.0
  • Plasma 5.4.1
  • KDE Applications 15.08.1 & not yet released ports of KDE Applications
  • Linux 4.1.9
  • Systemd 226
  • Kmod 21
  • Networkmanager 1.0.6
  • Calligra 3.0Alpha
  • Clementine
  • Plasma-nm 5.4.1
  • Xorg-server 1.17.2
  • Mesa 11.0.2
  • Glibc 2.21
  • GCC 4.9.4
  • non-free Nvidia 352.41
  • Python3 3.4.3

If you want to download the ISO, you can get it here. It is not compatible with unetbootin, so if you want to "burn" the ISO to a flash drive, follow the instructions here. As per usual, the KaOS Team does not recommend burning a DVD above 4X speed, but going higher should be OK.

Will you try it? Tell me in the comments.

12 Responses to KaOS 2015.10 KDE-focused Linux distro available now

  1. BoltmanLives says:


  2. psycros says:

    You know what I'd like to see? A Linux distro that's as easy (or easier!) to install than Windows 7, has a desktop just as easy to use as Windows 7 (though not necessarily a clone), foolproof installation and updating from an online software catalog and, finally, a pre-configured Windows 32-bit software emulator. The day that arrives will be the day we can start talking seriously about Linux on the desktop.

    • Well, Linux Mint Cinnamon is a distro like that, WINE (Windows emulator) is not pre-installed though. You can easily get WINE through Package Manager (the easy online software catalog you're asking for)

      • sn0wflake says:

        The usual Linux answer; "you can always do this and that". How about somebody make the billionth distribution that can actually do this and that? Oh, wait, we don't need that because we have Windows.

      • async2013 says:

        You can brainflake it's just you come across people that claim to have used GNU in the last year or so and make out it's still hard, well it is if you really are a brainflake i guess

      • barely_normal says:

        Many people are seeing how Microsoft is changing how Windows works, and will decide that, since they are having to relearn what was once second nature, they might as well learn to use something actually FREE, superior in terms of security, and much more customizable than the heavily impaired Windows Last.

        They are also not going to be at the mercy of forced updates, which renders the OS in a constant state of upheaval, and sometimes even FUBAR.

        You can rail all you want about how you think Windows is great, but I think it USED TO BE great...and then they released Windows Ate, and tripled down on the stupidity with Windows Last. Once again, things which vary widely in use should not have the same interface. A train does not work like a bicycle, nor does a phone work like a desktop computer.

        Oh, and then there are those that don't want their lives monetized by their operating system.

      • Karl Schneider says:

        Windows is fine. But Linux is an entirely different philosophy and approach. Its not a company trying to keep customers happy and hype their product to increase sales. It's people trying new ideas and technologies. They improve upon what open source software exists and innovate. The Linux world is huge and 99% of which is free of charge. Sure, the options can be overwhelming and seem all over the place. But with a little research it becomes very interesting and fun trying out different software. Trashing on Linux is like trashing on volunteers at a children's hospital. Trashing on Microsoft is complaining about a product that you paid good money for. It makes them try harder as they should. $100 is $100. And yes Widows 10 was a no charge upgrade if you owned Win7 or 8. That's because Win8 was that bad. Finally, I see alot of new features in Win10 that Linux users have been enjoying for years. Food for tought.

    • async2013 says:

      I just watched my 65 year old stepfather install LinuxMint on his laptop today and managed it very well. Managed to use that oh so hard application in LinuxMint, THE SOFTWARE MANAGER to install wine too. Are you really that bad at installing an OS?
      No driver problems, no forced updates, no update problems and all hardware found including the wireless printer without a reboot. Privacy intact.

    • barely_normal says:

      I know that any of the Unix variants have some problems, mainly from lack of familiarity, but I can honestly say that, in the last 5-7 years, there has not been one version of Linux that has not been worlds easier and more automatic to install than ANY version of Windows. They have that one licked.

      What is needed is a really good OOBE designed to take the newbies through nearly all the daily routines of using the machine [including maintenance] backed up by actual maintained MAN PAGES.

      One of the biggest problems, as far as I can see, is that one cannot simply go stomping around like a bull in a china shop, because of the constraints in Linux/Unix/BSD, which Windows does not enforce. If part of the OOBE were careful explanations of the whats and the whys, all but the most stupid [who likely should not be using a computer of any kind], would become accustomed to it, and, if not necessarily happy, at least accepting.

      With those things, and the MAN PAGES being scrupulously kept up to date, I think many more would make the leap, especially when they see how Microsoft has lost its way.

  3. krgood says:

    I just installed Linux Mint Cinnamon...smooth...Just follow instructions on screen..simple..Wine was installed with 2 clicks...smooth...works great..As a retired Windows IS professional...this is going to be my windows replacement..

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