Pebble doesn't see Apple Watch as a threat -- sales double year-over-year


Pebble, one of the first tech firms that jumped into the smartwatch foray via a Kickstarter campaign, has been unaffected by the competition brought by the Apple Watch, says the company CEO Eric Migicovsky.

Migicovsky revealed that the company’s sales has improved, which experienced a double year-over-year growth. Apple Watch had "no material impact" on the company, Migicovsky claimed, adding that this is due to the difference in the market the companies tap.


He said that since Pebble targets the mass market, while Apple targets the high-end market and is focused on "being the Rolex or the Tag [Heuer]", the two smartwatch makers have no overlap.

"We are building something that’s fun, a little bit more colorful. It’s affordable. At the core, it’s just a different type of watch", Migicovsky explained. If there is something Apple has done, it is bringing "a ton of attention to this [smartwatch] space".

Pebble recently launched the Time, the company’s first wearable with color screens since it launched in 2012. Another wearables maker, Fitbit, also said that it is not affected by the presence of Apple Watch in the market also due to the different markets it taps.

The smartwatch market remains at its nascent stage, with only three percent of the adult US population owning one, recent research by Kantar Worldpanel ComTech revealed.

Such premise brings lot of potential for more smartwatch developers to enter the market in the future.

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