Logitech announces new cases for Apple iPad mini 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2


While pundits talk up declining tablet sales, I bought a new iPad mini 4 this year and love it. True, larger smartphones are probably cannibalizing tablet sales, but I still find value in having a small iPad despite owning a large iPhone 6S Plus. I am sure I am not alone.

If you are still a tablet-lover like me, you are probably always on the look-out for a quality case. Today, one of the best companies for such accessories, Logitech, announces new offerings for the Apple iPad mini 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. If you own either of these wonderful tablets, you should definitely take notice.


"If you’re a proud new owner of an iPad mini 4, the Logi Focus Keyboard Case and the Logi Focus Flexible Protective Case are for you. The keyboard case turns your iPad mini into a laptop -- thanks to the built-in Bluetooth Keyboard with well-spaced keys and iOS shortcuts -- and the protective case holds the iPad at any viewing angle, within a 50-degree range", says Logitech.

The popular company further says, "for those of you who are Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 owners, we're excited to offer an all-in-one keyboard case that provides protection and an integrated keyboard -- the Logitech Type-S. The Logitech Type-S has some of the same features as the Logi Focus Keyboard Case -- such as the Bluetooth keyboard and stable design -- but it's optimized for Android, so the dedicated row of Android shortcuts let you seamlessly interact with your device right from your keyboard".


While many people will question the value of a keyboard for such small tablets, I can confirm that -- with the iPad mini 4 at least -- it is totally usable. While I haven't tried this Logitech model, I have tried other small keyboards with iPad minis and found great success. While a traditional laptop would be my preference, it is handy for traveling light.

Keyboard cases aside, the Logi Focus Flexible Protective Case for iPad mini 4 should prove valuable for both protection and multimedia. The multi-angle support is great for watching video -- I can see it working brilliantly on an airplane tray table.

How much will these cases cost? For iPad mini 4, the Logi Focus Keyboard Case costs $89, while the Logi Focus Flexible Protective Case is $59. Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 owners can get the Logitech Type-S for $99.

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