Samsung lays out its IoT SmartThings devices in new infographic

Intel IoT Platform aims to drive adoption of secure Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the latest rage with more products coming onto the market all the time. It's also become a bit of a target for hacking, though the problem is likely a bit exaggerated. We've recently looked at one of the newest offerings on the market from startup MivaTek, many other players are on the field and one of those is Samsung.

Samsung now has a line it calls SmartThings and it includes an array of products such as outlets, water sensors, security and much more.

You will, of course, need to purchase a hub which ties together all of the devices, but once you have that you'll get access to more than 200 IoT products and you'll be able to control them all from a phone or tablet.

SmartThings also works with Amazon Echo, as do two other home automation hubs. With that integration you can control products by voice command, which is handy, though sometimes a bit flaky.

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