Samsung's first 128 GB DDR4 RAM modules for servers go into production

Samsung 128GB RAM

Samsung has announced that it is starting mass production of the industry’s first "through silicon via" (TSV) 128GB DDR4 memory modules for high-end enterprise and data centre servers.

This news follows on from its successful introduction of the 64GB 3D TSV DDR4 DRAM last year, which was an industry first.


Samsung’s latest TSV DRAM module are the highest capacity and most efficient of any DRAM modules presently available on the market. Samsung also claims that it will produce superior performance, power efficiency and excellent reliability.

In case you were wondering what a 128 GB TSV DDR4 memory module is, it is a ultra high capacity memory board made up of 36, 4GB DRAM packages. However, instead of using wire bonding, the TSV packages use chip dies that are only a few micrometers thick, which are pierced with microscopic holes that are connected to electrodes passed through the holes. It is these vertical connections to the electrodes, which accounts for the major increase in signal transmission.

It is this innovative technological design, which enables the memory module to provide a high memory, yet low-power solution for next-generation and data centre servers. The memory modules can reach peak speeds of up to 2,400Mbps,that’s nearly twice the performance of current technology and with 50 per cent power efficiency.

Samsung also intends to introduce TSV DRAM modules that bring data transfer speeds of up to 2,667Mbps and 3,200Mbps to meet enterprise server needs in the near future.

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