WAFS allows simple, secure file sharing and collaboration across the world

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Secure information exchange specialist GlobalScape has used this year's Autodesk University in Las Vegas to launch an upgraded version of its Wide Area File Services collaborative software platform, WAFS 5.

WAFS 5 simplifies enterprise collaboration, eliminates errors, and decreases bandwidth usage, providing secure, near real-time data access to both on-premises and cloud-based files located anywhere in the world.

The software uses intelligent byte-level differencing technology to instantly update changes to files by multiple remote users with minimal impact on network bandwidth. It also ensures that files are never overwritten, even if opened by other remote users.

"As work environments become increasingly distributed, real-time collaboration on large, critical files such as spreadsheets, CAD drawings, engineering blueprints, or MRI images is an ever-more vital business imperative," says Greg Hoffer, Vice President of Engineering at Globalscape. "Working with colleagues and partners distributed across the globe -- without frustrating slowness, costly delays, consistency errors, or versioning problems -- is a huge advantage to employee efficiency and productivity. With WAFS 5, distance and file size is not an issue. Complex files can be sent over a WAN at LAN speeds and are accessible to end users across multiple offices around the world".

WAFS 5 has a number of improvements including, up to eight times faster upload performance, up to 10 times faster download performance, and copy speed performance which is up to 90 times faster. It has increased transparency of file replication activities between servers and desktops to check for errors and ensure delivery success, along with increased system reliability, especially during periods of network instability.

Reduced bandwidth utilization ensures data transfers don't prevent mission-critical traffic from flowing in and out of the network, and an enhanced synchronization engine to offer easy, secure file collaboration.

More information about WAFS 5 is available from the GlobalScape website.

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