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As businesses grow and expand their online presence, they can end up with customers needing lots of different logins for blogs, support portals, forums and more. This can lead to frustration among users and mean that businesses lose sight of their system interactions.

Software company Inversoft is launching a solution to this problem in the form of Passport. This not only allows a single sign-on between applications, games, forums, help desks, user accounts and other offerings, but also gives companies a comprehensive view of user activity.

Implemented via an API and made for use on desktops, tablets, smartphones and other devices, Passport is based on OAuth 2.0, the most advanced authorization standard, and adds a number of proprietary features. Among these is the ability to mute, ban or suspend users if necessary, or reward them with special offers or promotions. It also lets customers specify their preferred language so companies can respond with appropriately translated emails and messages.

"For years, companies have been dealing with the limitations of SAML and LDAP protocols for single sign-on. Passport moves the industry forward dramatically," says Brian Pontarelli, founder and CEO of Inversoft. "It offers features and capabilities most other solution providers would never dream of. Best of all, Passport requires only one database to drive a company’s entire user management function".

Passport also features native integration with CleanSpeak, Inversoft's tool for profanity filtering and content/user moderation. A full menu of auditing and analytics tools supports deep-dive queries and pre-set reports are also available for critical performance metrics.

To maximize security, Passport supports two-factor authentication. As an on-premise solution it conforms to internal security protocols, avoiding the risk presented by hosted, multi-tenant alternatives.

Passport is available now and there's a free developer plan that can handle up to 50 users, allowing businesses to try it out. More information is available on the Inversoft website.

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