New risk management software helps companies handle sensitive data

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Endpoint security and digital investigations specialist Guidance Software is launching a new solution to help organizations identify and classify confidential data.

EnForce Risk Manager allows organizations to reduce their surface area of risk, limiting the potential damage from breaches and improving their ability to comply with global data protection rules.

The software allows enterprises to identify the most commonly compromised data anywhere it's stored, including file shares, email sources, servers, databases and all types of endpoints. They can then categorize that data for review and validation, and automatically address issues through digital removal and other control actions.

"The amount of data stored on electronic systems today is growing at an exponential rate. And as we've learned from high-profile breaches that compromised sensitive information, including health records and credit card information, the ability to mitigate risk remains challenging," says Ken Basore, senior vice president of product engineering, Guidance Software. "In conversations with our customers, the need to combine data management, e-discovery, privacy and security, as well as policies, into proactive, corporate-wide information governance has repeatedly arisen. With EnForce, Guidance Software is committed to reducing business risks, decreasing storage and information technology costs, and providing greater peace of mind to our customers".

EnForce Risk Manager better equips organizations to comply with external data privacy regulations and polices such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), as well as with internal policies.

By identifying and systematically deleting data that is old, no longer needed or has no current business value, organizations can also reduce current and future storage costs. Removing old data will leave businesses with higher quality information to help them make more accurate and better informed business decisions.

Guidance Software will be previewing EnForce Risk Manager at LegalTech, from February 2-4, in New York. The product will be generally available later this year, for more information visit the company's website.

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