Remote application server streamlines Windows desktop delivery

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The modern workplace can be an increasingly fragmented place, with employees on multiple sites or working from home. Delivering the systems that they need is therefore a challenging task.

Cross platform solutions specialist Parallels is launching a new version of its Remote Application Server which allows businesses to deliver Windows applications and desktops to employees on any device, anywhere in the world.


For IT administrators it means they can download and be up and running with Parallels Remote Application Server in hours or days where competing solutions can take weeks or months to become operational.

From the user angle it helps employees to access remote applications and desktops easily and productively. It streamlines BYOD with support for more devices as well as cutting out the need for admins to manually set up each system.

"Parallels Remote Application Server v15 offers the easiest desktop and application delivery solution for corporate IT departments, ISVs and MSPs," says Jack Zubarev, Parallels president. "Reducing complexity and costs from the delivery of any applications to employees on any devices was our goal for this v15 release".

Other features include seamless support for a wide range of devices, including PC, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi based systems. By integrating with iOS and Android clients from Parallels Access, employees are able to use familiar touch and gestures on their tablets and phones with applications from Windows XP to Windows 10. There's also a user-friendly HTML5 client for browser access, enabling end users to copy and paste between applications and change passwords.

Security is enhanced with Windows, Mac and Linux client configuration policy settings that deliver extended administrator capabilities to secure data and applications while preventing unauthorized user access. There's built-in support for additional security technology too, including SafeNet, DeepNet and RADIUS authentication.

You can find out more and download a trial of Parallels Remote Application Server on the company's website.

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