How to get total control over Windows 10's automatic updates

windows update

One of the (many) things that divides opinion about Windows 10 is Microsoft’s decision to make updates mandatory. If you have Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise or Education editions you can defer updates, but you can’t reject them outright.

Windows 10 Home users don’t have this luxury and updates are installed automatically once they become available.


It’s easy to understand why Microsoft has taken this step. Reducing the number of unpatched systems in the world is good news for everyone.

Unfortunately, the software giant does occasionally push out updates that cause problems for some users, so it’s far from a perfect solution.

If you’re unhappy with Microsoft forcefully installing updates on your system without your say so, you can block this function using the latest version of W10Privacy.

If you haven’t heard of this program before it’s well worth checking out as the software gives you control over Windows 10’s many privacy functions, allowing you to prevent the OS snooping on what you do. Options are color coded so you can see at a glance whether something is safe to change/disable or not.

In W10Privacy 2, you can now set the program to disable Windows 10’s own update mechanism and replace it with its own. Users can choose which updates to install, and which to ignore. This isn't something everyone should do, but you can easily reverse the steps should you need to.

Before you can use this function, you need to download some additional components. Follow these steps:

  1. Download W10Privacy 2 and unzip it to a folder on your hard drive.
  2. Download PsExec and copy it into the W10Privacy folder.
  3. Download the Windows Update PowerShell Module from Technet, and unzip it to a subfolder in the W10Privacy folder.
  4. Right-click W10Privacy.exe and choose Run as administrator from the context menu. Choose to make a system restore point. It’s also worth making a full system backup (just in case).
  5. Go to Extras > Windows Updates to manage the options.

There are six different check boxes. None are enabled by default. They are:

  • PSWindows Update module exists (must be provided previously by user to the W10Privacy folder).
  • PsExec.exe in W10Privacy folder (must be provided by user).
  • W10Privacy adaption of the PSWindows-Update Module.
  • Configure fake WSUS server.
  • W10Privacy is located in a path/folder without spaces.
  • Do not consider drivers in Update Search.

Assuming you want to manage updates manually, check the first five options. The sixth option lets you decide whether to list drivers alongside updates. This is up to you.

Click Set changed settings then click the Start checking for updates button and you’ll be shown any new updates that have yet to be installed and can choose what action to take.


Once you’re in charge of your updates, run the software regularly and check to make sure you don’t miss any important updates.

Photo Credit: fotoscool/Shutterstock

92 Responses to How to get total control over Windows 10's automatic updates

  1. longhornlvr (aka Tacoman3o3) says:

    Who thinks that Buttman is the stupidest idiot on this site? I think so!

    • psycros says:

      robotrat is a close #2. His trolling is so bad I think he might be Boltman's alt. I've noticed they rarely post on the same threads. Most losers like that have multiple logins so they can feel like someone agrees with them.

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  2. Bob Grant says:

    Unfortunately Microsoft will just start releasing the updates bundled with crap that will disable this.

    • psycros says:

      I wouldn't rule it out, sadly. If it comes to that I expect Windows 10's growth to actually start going backwards rather than remaining stagnant. Its looking more and more like Microsoft's only hope is to eat their words and get cracking on Windows 11. The sheer amount of lies their putting out regarding Windows 10's numbers certainly seems to suggest this is the case.

      • roborat says:

        The sheer amount of lies their putting out regarding Windows 10's numbers certainly seems to suggest this is the case.

        Microsoft announced the numbers during their earnings call. These are corporate performance numbers and and such makes MS liable for misleading statements. Do you have any proof that they are lying or as usual these are mere expressions of your fantasies?

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        they cant answer that

    • async2013 says:

      Exactly my thoughts Bob

    • Order_66 says:

      Yes, microsoft would deceitfully slide anything and everything onto your machine without your knowledge or consent.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        it's their operating system They are allowed to promote their new os version with recommend popups and download it as a regular update but not for install only (optional)
        as a new version of an os they have never done so and have never said they will do. yeah why not lets force some installs against our own licence agreement? roll on the lawsuits! oh and lots of paper work they would have to fill ou!t
        what I will 100% agree with , they have downloaded some apps such as soda saga which most may not want, but it's not rocket science other companies have installed irrelevant apps worse than that that will slow down the os completely and is just bloatware .
        on old versions pinball, solitaire some complained that these are irrelevant, course they are ,these things don't make the os function.
        Unless there's a tech fault, no excuse not to install important updates ,whether it's flash or IE or an update SE for the os they fix holes that have been discovered making you less open to be a target.
        security updates and cumulative updates replace the old ones so no problem taking up more space assuming people doing updates cleanup there pc after every update.

      • Reginald Pseudonym says:

        Not on my computer they don't.

      • Reginald Pseudonym says:

        I'm glad Apple is working out for you. But in the spirit of fairness and truth, let's not forget the Error 53 situation that arose with iPhones quite recently. Now that was deceit of the highest form.

    • Adrian S says:

      I am surprised that they have not put a update out to disable GWX control panel, mine is still blocking the GWX stuff.

  3. GTech says:

    I recommend this tool, works every time...

    • SmokingMan says:

      Until it doesn't work.

    • Order_66 says:

      I second that recommendation, especially after just switching 4 of my former windows 7 machines to hackintosh and purchasing 2 new macbooks, no more shady and deceitful computing for me or having mobile apps thrown in my face with the exception of one gaming machine that is forced to run windows 10 and a tablet that is forced to run windows 8.

  4. John Chhouk says:

    The Problems is that ms rolled every update into 1 single package while giving us no way to avoid problem updates or ones we don't want. So if 1 thing fails the whole house of cards come falling down. It doesn't help that ms has pushed out so many bad updates that either break things are sneaks stuff in there that you don't want i.e windows 10 upgrade that folks don't trust them let alone the bandwidth issues, the size of the updates themselves and that ms can't go a month without making bad update. A 3rd program like this shouldn't exist but in their quest of speed and market share any sort of QA and understanding of common sense/real world computer use/ problems has gone out the window. IT can even be argued that ms doesn't even understand their own systems but the truth is most the things computer related a designed by brilliant folks who designs things how they want to be or how they would use them not how you or I or 90% of the rest of the world would use it. A friend of mine who is a programmer once said that most people who works with computer systems don't really understand what they are working and are just making it up as they go let alone understand how their changes will affect the non-techie or the world at large. It doesn't come into the thought process and if it is it is usually dismissed . She calls it the computer techie blind spot

  5. BinBin2000 says:

    I prefer to just keep using Windows 7 ;) No telemetry,No system scanning,No backdoors & FULL control of Updates without the need for 3rd-party software (Ahhhhhh :D) life is good.

    • Captain555 says:

      Unfortunately lots of the new PCs come W10 pre-installed. So these tools are very helpful in those case.

      • Terrence Aloysius Mahoney says:

        That's why you make sure you still have a copy of the Win7 discs.

      • Captain555 says:

        Yeap. But unfortunately, manufacturers will put new hardware in these new PCs that don't have drivers for Windows 7. It will became harder and harder to downgrade.

      • BinBin2000 says:

        Don't worry,just as you can still find drivers for XP in many cases,the same will go for W7.Manufacturers cannot ignore a userbase of 40-50+ %.

      • Captain555 says:

        I hope so. But I already lots of trouble downgrading some Win 8/8.1 PCs. Some drivers were pretty hard to find.

      • Jayce says:

        honestly windows 10 is awesome, I wouldn't worry about it, youll be on windows 10 one day once you realise all the bs people spread. Its too good a os not to succeed, it really is but time will show that as it is doing already.

      • Captain555 says:

        I'm in it up to elbow everyday. And I know Windows 10 is crap right now. I hope it get to something useable one of these days. Hopefully before 2020. Windows 7 is the most solid and stable Windows right now.

      • Adrian S says:

        Thankfully I build my own machines and I have got a retail version of Windows 7/8.1. As for laptops, I have a old Acer that is running Linux and I use it once in a blue moon so if it goes belly up it will not be replaced.

    • Matts Computer Support says:

      blimey, no backdoors? there's backdoors in everything why like 300 updates for 7? to fix holes, holes lead to possible backdoors and if you think not then you're foolish!

      • BinBin2000 says:

        I am talking about the kind that were put there on PURPOSE,not the accidental kind.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        what purposes are those?

      • Jayce says:

        every os ever made has back doors made purposely by whoever makes the os, its the way its always been, the only difference now is the internet and information is not always completely reliable and correct and also microsoft has a bad reputation after xbox always on line and onedrive storage changes, but truth is nothing is really that different from any other year.

    • Matts Computer Support says:

      friend has 7 and 10 on same computer uses 7 as a backup system

    • Jayce says:

      hum strangely windows 7 does have plenty of back doors so did xp so did 98 lol,. But lets be honest here. I made 8 people 8 machines this year, all like you wanted and insisted on windows 7 as their os choice, as I was making their machines out of the kindness of my heart I insisted windows 10 would be installed but if they don't like it after a few weeks they could always press 1 button and roll back to windows 7.
      2 days later for every single 8 people not one of them wanted to ever go back to windows 8. I spent maybe 1 hour showing them tiles and the new start menu, one drive and all the other integrated features like email, photos, selecting destination folders ect. They all that's right every 8 of them thing window 10 is the best os ever and they will not go back. Strangely a couple of them said that it did things windows 7 didn't do but xp did lol and they all use live tiles for their emails, calendars, photos, groove for music lol. I know windows 10 will do well and in 10 years time you'll refuse to move to windows 11 (if there was one) because 10 does everything you want lol, I know you will cause windows 10 is that good.
      Like anything if you want security then either turn off lodas of features like Cortana (which I love and use on desktop) also change all the default settings too. Otherwise like on apple or android or Linux then the only safe way to use a computer is not to network it. I think people like to over react. Microsoft would not last long if people keep getting arrested for having porn or pirated movies and games on their pc and they know that, they aint spying on you the way you think. Again if your that paranoid don't go on the internet, that's your only true guarantee on any device.
      I would like update control back but I also thing that all8 people I made computers for shouldn't have that choice cause it means now I wont be getting phonecalls about machines not working right, because they haven't updated it in 5 years lol.

  6. barely_normal says:

    This might actually allow Windows Last to make it onto a tertiary machine of mine. Absolutely ridiculous that moves like this are necessary, but kudos to whomever perfected the technique.

    Now if they could work on the egregiously intrusive EULA.

  7. roborat says:

    Great, another tool that cuts the nose to spite the face. I doubt the paranoids using this understands the dangers they expose themselves and starts spamming or infecting others.

    • Adrian S says:

      Load of bull and you know it, what about people who still uses windows XP are their machines spamming or infecting others? If they are then that is because of a lack of security, still plenty of security software to stop your computer getting infected. Also if other people updates Windows 10 will that not stop the infections?

      Someone on here said a few weeks back that a unprotected Windows 7 machine would become infected in seconds. i left a windows 7 machine a old laptop on my network with no protection and not even going through a router and yet even after a week when I done a scan on it it did not have one infection. sure it had beacons and cookies from me going to different sites.
      So more bull.

      What is it with pro-MS people trying to get us to change to the nagging spying Windows 10, what difference to it make to you? none what so ever.

      BTW, i know someone who have got a windows 98 in use on the net,.

      • roborat says:

        Load of bull and you know it, what about people who still uses windows XP are their machines spamming or infecting others?

        People who still uses XP have a greater risk. Do I really need to explain this? Any security expert will tell you XP machines typically sold as a systems package like ATMs or Ticketing Machines are primary targets for hackers these days.

        Also if other people updates Windows 10 will that not stop the infections?

        Won’t stop the spam wouldn’t it?

        Someone on here said a few weeks back that a unprotected Windows 7 machine would become infected in seconds.

        Your anecdotal evidence of gullibility is irrelevant to this discussion. That was an obvious exaggeration.

        What is it with pro-MS people trying to get us to change to the nagging spying Windows 10,..

        Don’t get carried away, I was merely saying a horde of unpatched Windows can become a nuisance to many. MS was vastly criticised more than a decade ago for Windows’ security problems and as a result pre-installed an anti-virus and an update mechanism in the OS. And today we have you lot complaining about forced updates. For over a decade where I was given a choice to install a security update, not once did I choose No. And I am sure the vast majority would have done the same. Besides the countless examples of unpatched machines being used as spambots or for DDoS attacks, why are we surprised MS removed that vastly unused option for home users?
        I can safely say based on the level of discussion on this forum, not one of us understands the complexity behind the security patches yet some pretend they would like to have some “control”.

        Anyway, what are you recommending, that people should read the KB article for every update release and decide for themselves? No, I didn’t think so too!

      • longhornlvr (aka Tacoman3o3) says:

        Windows Xp is NOT insecure when you know what you are doing and you secure it and configure it correctly.

      • roborat says:

        What an excellent combination of a worthless statement that is also wrong!

        In fact, any OS is secure “when you know what you are doing and you secure it and configure it correctly”.
        Hardly a useful statement with such a cop out isn’t it? That is like saying “BASE jumping is safe when you know what you are doing” and yet we all know the high rate of fatality.

        Windows XP NOT secure. I am surprised that I even have to write that sentence. Why do you think businesses are panicking and paying MS and other security companies millions to provide WinXP custom security support?

      • Jayce says:

        I just wonder why anyone would still be using xp, sure 10 years ago it was awesome but its 10 years ago things are a lot better now, both windows 7 and 8 were huge improvements, 8 if you put on the classic shell, but windows 10 is by far the best os going. I have no idea why people would use xp over it other than doesn't want to learn something new but isn't that big of a learning curve, or simply doesn't want to spend anoy money on anything else, both legit resons but still I now use a mobile phone for my music, my sony tape deck Walkman from the late 1980,s- early nineties doesn't get any usage anymore, it just doesn't.

      • Adrian S says:

        I think what you are saying is that we all need microsoft to hold our hands and we can't do anything unless they are. I use Windows because I have to as the other alternative do not give me the hardware I want, not because I want to. So as much as you trust Ms, I don't and I use security software from other providers.
        As for forced updates, we need a choice and yes I do check what the updates do before I download them, I know Ms don't want us to know that with Windows 10, that is because they want to slip crap in which people may not want. Windows 10 updates are more about what features can we add, what other things we can add to spay on people, more so than for security in stability.

        If Ms go nothing to hide then tell use what their updates do and let us have a choice if installing them. M S is gettig more like the U.S.A NSA and our our GCHQ, I wonder if MS is in bed with them anyway.

        You carry on using the spying rubbish they call windows 10, I will carry on using what I am using.

      • roborat says:

        I think what you are saying is that we all need microsoft to hold our hands..

        Follow the thread. What I am saying is there is plenty of knee-jerking and irrational responses to W10 which will result to more harm than good.

        As for forced updates, we need a choice and yes I do check what the updates do before I download them, I know Ms don't want us to know that with Windows 10

        Utter nonsense that has been repeated over and over by the same uninformed individuals on this forum. There are KB articles for every single update. Every. Single. One.

        Here is an example:

        Pages after pages and link after link of detailed technical information. Imagine the uproar why MS doesn’t provide all this information to the average user whenever they get asked to accept an update.

        … M S is gettig more like the U.S.A NSA and our our GCHQ, I wonder if MS is in bed with them anyway.

        I don’t buy this nonsense either because even though I watch
        Hollywood spy movies, I understand how large corporations and government institutions work with the bureaucracy and compliance checks. I am afraid there is no “they”. Behind every scary names like Microsoft, Google, Exxon, NSA, GCHQ are ordinary people. Mostly with careers and mortgages and varying kinds of interests
        ready to blow the whistle.

      • Adrian S says:

        The problem is Windows 10 is full of hidden stuff that we have no idea about and stuff we do can not be disabled. Even with Windows 8.1 MS done a dirty and downloaded telemtric updates with descriptions that did not really say what it was for. Thankfully people found out and we can disable them.
        I expect this stuff on a smart phone, but I do not expect it on my computer OS.
        MS is in bed with spy agencies, because of all the accusations about it they have not come out to say they are not.

      • roborat says:

        MS is in bed with spy agencies, because of all the accusations about it they have not come out to say they are not.
        MS has already explained on several occasions that they provided specific information on individuals based on lawful requests from the US government. Just like Apple and Google and the rest of the tech firms. Have you forgotten about the successful petition they made to let the government allow them to publish the frequency of such requests?
        You're barking at the wrong tree here. Apply a bit of common sense and understand that there is no "win" situation for any tech companies to be "in bed with spy agencies". More so with MS who is in the business of providing cloud services whilst holding other people's information. You have to explain what business gains are there for a corporation to make such a ridiculous arrangement with a government because I don't think you realise how fanciful they are.

      • Adrian S says:

        At least Apple is Fighting the FBI at the moment and then you get Billy Gates supporting the FBI, i know Bill Gates do not run MS now as such, but I bet he still have a big say in it. Makes me wonder.

        As for Google, I have a android phone, but I do not do anything on that I think is important, I do not store files on that and I do not store files on the cloud apart from two that is on Drop box but they are not important.

      • roborat says:

        At least Apple is Fighting the FBI at the moment and then you get Billy Gates supporting the FBI…

        Let’s be clear. Apple continues to comply to lawful user information requests from the US government – Just like Microsoft.

        Apple is ONLY specifically fighting the lawful court order requested by the FBI which is provide a tool to enable them to unlock ONE iPhone.
        Bill Gates believes Apple should comply because the legal process was followed. “Billy Gates supporting the FBI” is a massive oversimplification and I surely hope you see the massive difference.

      • Tall One says:

        You have no clue about PC, ha? It was a Blaster worm that infected fresh pre-SP XP installs minutes after completion. SO you had to download updates or SPs separately and install them before connecting your fresh install to the net for the first time.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        the user is 1 piece to security of a pc, plenty of up to date security software to clean away any infections but any loop holes found will just get bigger.
        98 is less of target for new viruses. 98 will run on the net, yeah I bet it runs well for them when going on the net with modern flash etc!
        I had 2000 running on a hp Compaq nc6000 and it struggles to cope with modern standards cause of the lack of support.

      • Adrian S says:

        It is not really used for browsing, it is used to control cameras and then the data is sent over the net

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        they could turn on the camera that doesn't mean that they should and do you have a link for that?
        well, they can spy all they want on me I don't do anything in front of my laptop that I would regret.

      • Adrian S says:

        er?, the Windows 98 machine is used to control cameras, which is why it is on the net, I think you got muddled up.

        My camera is facing the wall until I need it.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        I was a little on that one

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        must be an old camera?

      • Adrian S says:

        It is a security camera system that is run by his computer, it is old, but it works and he do not see any reason to change it.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        Oh yeah definitely not going to stop working ,unless some tech fault occurs. Yeah Like that happens on a regular basis.

        Some detective series, have those old slabby things oh and 98 was installed, its shocking that some have just stuck with that! But then again, its all "money"

      • Adrian S says:

        If it stops working then he will look at using something else, he is thinking of using a Linux based machine, but he can't be bothered at the moment.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        where i went wrong, you you were on about camera and privacy when I saw that guess I just put the pieces together and created a bit off topic but interesting yet.

        Its interesting, the conspiracy stories we are told "we are spied on through our cameras and mics"
        Gosh, really , corporations? Bigger than us naa they couldn't do that haha

        Naaaa why would MS care if Bob next door is w***ing over his next gf?

      • Adrian S says:

        The problem is just because they may not do it at the moment, do not mean they won't.

      • Matts Computer Support says:

        That's it, they don't.
        Problem is got to do something to help police investigate complaints of "abuse"
        Hmm what kind?
        Moderate? Or nasty kind? Usually involving a young girl or boy, that's disgusting!

      • Adrian S says:

        er? they are security cameras on his driveway and around the house, put in so his wife felt safer when he was out working.

      • Captain555 says:

        Some people just try to mislead others. PCs don't get infected just by been on the net since SP1 of XP when they added a firewall. Typical scare tactics.

    • Noel says:

      Roborat, do you fancy passing yourself off as an expert, to whom you'd like others to listen? May I suggest putting some effort into becoming expert at expressing yourself in English, not to mention signing your name to your work and maybe even avoiding calling other people names. It's possible then that people will start to take you seriously, but even then it will take time to build up a reputation as someone who knows what they're talking about.

      The people who want to take control of their updates are those who need their computers for more than just playing games, and simply can't tolerate unexpected downtime or their systems being unexpectedly disabled due to incompletely or improperly tested software being pushed in through the back door whenever Microsoft feels the need.

      There are good reasons Windows Update became what it was on Windows 8 and earlier. It was actually GOOD. The current "you'll take all we push on you when we want to and you'll like it" strategy from Microsoft is, by contrast, intolerable.

      Though W10Privacy currently appears to be prototype-stage software that only a geek could love, it's good that the software developers of the world are making an effort to solve the problem. Someone WILL ultimately make software that will work right and Microsoft WILL ultimately get the hint.

      There is a solution for taking control of Windows Updates that involves only Microsoft software, by the way. It leverages the Windows Update Hiding Tool (KB3073930). The key capabilities are that you can configure updates to require your approval through to local policy editor and the Windows Update Hiding Tool will show you the available updates before you give the go-ahead to install them.
      What I'd really like to know - and this article does nothing to provide the detailed information - is whether the W10Privacy tool has found a way to break the cumulative updates down into more manageable components (and if so, how the individual updates are documented).


      • roborat says:

        Roborat, do you fancy passing yourself off as an expert, to whom you'd like others to listen?

        LOL. No. I just try to pass off as someone who lives in the real world with very little self-importance.

        May I suggest putting some effort into becoming expert at expressing yourself in English,

        What presumptuous and absurd thing to say? Do you tell every non-English speaking person (like the Pope) that their command of the language is pretty poor? I’m guessing you have plenty of friends.

        not to mention signing your name to your work

        LOL. I sure hope you’re being sarcastic or else I’d be disappointed.

        and maybe even avoiding calling other people names…

        I use the word “paranoid” for effect and an accurate description of behaviour. Less so as “ad hominem”. I suggest you look at my history and tally the names called against me before you dish out your wisdom to other people.

        It's possible then that people will start to take you seriously,

        And there lies your problem. You have mistaken me for someone who cares.

        If you like people to take you seriously, I suggest you stop giving people unwanted advise. Even then that would take some time.

        - roborat

        p.s., you’re right, signing names make a world of a difference.

      • qijb89ifwjncdwijcrwb says:

        I just try to pass off as someone who lives in the real world with very little self-importance.

        Ha, says the one who claims his time is too precious. Love your sarcasm right there™(©Roborat)!

        You have mistaken me for someone who cares.

        Huh? Love your sarcasm right there™(©Roborat)! If you did not care, you would not be commenting in the first place!

        I suggest you stop giving people unwanted advise.

        That is what is called 'dish out your wisdom to other people'. 己所不欲,勿施于人。Ah, I just did it too. It certainly feels amazing.

      • Seth T Wilson says:

        I caught at least four grammatical mistakes and one typo in one reading alone. You are pretty bad at writing English for someone who is such a grammar Nazi. Keep trying and maybe some day people will take you seriously. Belittling strangers on teh interwebz isn't very becoming of a man of your self-implied standing.

  8. franchesca decker says:

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  9. Adam K says:

    I'm so exited to try this out. A collegue of mine purchased a new windows 10 pc and, I'm teaching her how to patch and maintain it. Yesterday i set it up. for her and, today i'll give her the talk about the pros and cons of maintaining your computer.

    It also gives me a good oppertunity to test out the new OS without putting my CPU's at risk!😉

    • Seth T Wilson says:

      Is Windows 10 detrimental to CPU's? I don't understand what the risk would be to a computer's CPU in running Windows 10.

  10. coololcatz says:

    While going through this sing 'n dance routing, remember who really owns your PC.

  11. sounder says:

    "How to get total control over Windows 10's automatic updates"

    Just don't install Win10.

  12. Jayce says:

    I LOVE WINDOWS 10 ITS AWSOME BUT I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE FULL CONTROL OPTION BACK FOR UPDATES, JUST DONT MAKE IT A EASY TO DO OPTION SO NORMAL USERS JUST LEAVE IT ON. nO Linux is not a alternative whine for games if your lucky and software that simply isn't compatable is not a option for me. And windows 10 is awesome anyway.

  13. roystreet says:

    On my Surface 3 Pro, I have Windows 10 pro. You can disable updates using Group Policy. You can disable it permanently or have it prompt you to update & then you have a chance to download at your discretion. Unfortunately, my wife's computer is Win 10 home & you can't edit group policy. I don't like forced updates, although most of the time I've downloaded the updates...I just want the discretion to do it what I want.

    Unfortunately, no other OS handles touch functions as good as Win 10 does. I will agree though, it doesn't feel like a complete OS. My suspicion is they have it planned that way so that they can keep rolling out updates regularly improving it. I've already jumped ship from my Windows phone because the OS is never completed & the lack of apps. There are other promblems I keep having with credentials needing to be verified regularly, etc that make me want to leave. Unfortunately, I believed in MS & have enjoyed using previous products from them...No more

    • Seth T Wilson says:

      "Unfortunately, no other OS handles touch functions as good as Win 10 does."
      Yeah, except for all versions of Android and iOS. Really unfortunate, that so many people are so tied to the idea of Windows being "the" OS that they are blind to alternatives that are often more functional.

      • roystreet says:

        Hi Seth...Neither Andriod, nor iOS are as powerful concerning hand writing recognition. Of which I use quite frequently. Also, the OS can handle much more labor intensive tasks. I like iOS a lot, but it has its limitations so that I would be downgrading when it comes to productivity or graphic design, etc. There are many more options of software you can use on Windows, Linux, or OSX. You can even run basically any Andriod app on a Windows computer. There's more hardware made for Windows, etc.

        Really, at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Some may say one is a viable alternative and does it better than another, but that can be very subjective.

        Some would say that those two aren't 'full' OS's...Indeed they both really are based on whose definition you're using, but they can't stand a chance to what Windows, Linux, nor OSX can perform when it comes to the power and capabilities. Neither of those can handle multi tasking like those 3 I mentioned.

        It's all what you like to see and how you would like it to work. The only non-Windows (if you will) tablet that somewhat competes with the Surface is the iPad Pro. It is a very nicely designed machine, but yet it still can't handle writing, nor graphic design, nor as much 'heavy lifting' as the Surface. I would love to switch to OSX. I love iOS and I think it runs great. Of course, your needs and desires dictates a lot of what you want and what's the best alternative. Goes for everything, Windows mobile isn't really a good alternative to iOS on my iPhone...That's my view. I've tried using both for long term as my only phone. Both are nice and have good aspects, but both don't do the job equally well for what I want.

        For me (and I'm sure there are many), it's not a case of ignorance, rather I'm well aware of what the OS's can do. I like Windows a lot, so it isn't that I can't see what the options offer. Windows 10 runs very nicely, but how MS has built forceful tactics under the hood, like forced updates and treating it more like a software as a service kind of concept has left a bad taste in my mouth. These are only a few things that I dislike now. But be sure, the future is one that you will find they all pretty go to that type of model to some degree or another.
        I am navigating away to "Other lands", from Windows, but it cost money and you will be making sacrifices when you switch as you would in any direction.

  14. danny antony says:


    I have NO idea why this is happening but here goes.

    Spent far to long attempting to open this simple Win 10 Privacy.exe file, but it just won't open no matter what ... I have turned off my anti virus just in case but it will not open. When I try to run it either as Admin or just double clicking the .txt files extract along with the config setting file, but the interface will not show itself .. I am using my Admin account and all the folders has read/write access

    I am running Win 10 Pro 64bit

    May I also just clarify something above :-
    3 Download the Windows Update PowerShell Module from Technet, and unzip it to a subfolder in the W10Privacy folder.

    my path is c:my foldermy folder 2myfolder3W10PrivacyPSWindowsUpdate ? I have put the PSTools folder in the Win10 Privacy folder.

    Silly question I know but "a sub folder" in the Win10Privacy folder does that mean creating another sub filder or using the subfolderr that it extracts itself to ?

    It looks like a very useful utility but I am clearly missing something simple that may be somebody here can point me towards

    Thank you

    • teqjack says:

      +I am not at all sure, but while I was able to start it I had trouble saving changes.
      ALL folders in the path must NOT have spaces in the name. I moved the Privacy folder to the drive instead a chain of folders I use for non-MS software, and then renamed taking out the spaces. Worked then...

      Yes use the subfolder that it extracts itself to, do not make yet another.

      • danny antony says:

        Thanks - I solved it with the help of the owners of the tool .. my system was at fault at the software

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