It may not be new, but Microsoft scheduling unwanted Windows 10 upgrades is still scummy behavior


I’ve been suffering with a shoulder impingement for a while, and seeing an osteopath to try and fix the problem. After today’s session, the osteopath tried to book me in for a new appointment, but the on-screen calendar was obscured by another appointment that had popped up -- this one for a Windows 10 upgrade. An upgrade that -- surprise, surprise -- the osteopath had neither asked for, nor wanted.

Not content with popping up at inconvenient times -- like during a live TV broadcast, for example -- Windows 10 upgrades are now being scheduled for a random date and time. You can cancel them but, like the best crapware, Microsoft has done its best to hide that option.


Now, although coincidentally I've seen this scheduled update being reported as as new behavior across various sites today, it isn't. The Windows 10 upgrade has been behaving like this for a couple of months, it's just the message you now see has been tweaked a little. As a Windows 10 user, I hadn't personally seen the message myself until today when, understandably, I took a close look at it.

The current wording in the popup window says, rather enthusiastically, "Great! Your Windows 10 upgrade is scheduled for:" followed by a date, and information telling you to stay connected to the internet while the Get Windows 10 app (GWX) abuses your connection and downloads the new operating system in the background (it doesn’t use those exact words, but that’s what it means).

Underneath this message is a large Close button. Click this, and boom, Windows 10 is coming to your system on that date, whether you want it or not.

To stop this happening, you need to instead click the tiny "Reschedule or cancel upgrade" link tucked away under the body text.

Microsoft is clearly hoping you will be so fed up with the incessant Windows 10 upgrade messages that you won’t read this one, and will click Close instead.

It’s truly scummy behavior that you’d expect from purveyors of crapware, not one of the world’s largest software makers.

"Will you be upgrading to Windows 10?" I asked my osteopath. "Not bloody likely," she said, clicking the Close button before I could stop her.


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183 Responses to It may not be new, but Microsoft scheduling unwanted Windows 10 upgrades is still scummy behavior

  1. skags442 says:

    Wow, another story about this? I think its time to say good bye beta news. Find something worth while to write about and maybe I will come back but I'm not getting my hopes up. Sad really, this used to be a great site.

    • visomvet says:

      Newsflash: You don't HAVE TO read every article on this site.

    • psycros says:

      Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Tacoman3o3 says:

      This used to be a great site before all of the M$ trolls/fanbois started posting BS everywhere.

    • Andrés says:

      It's time to say good bye to Microsoft. The company is totally ignoring the needs and wants of its desktop customers.

      We're fed up with the stuff they are doing.
      Ubuntu/ChromeOS/Android desktop everyone.

  2. PC_Tool says:

    You're entitled to your opinion. We're entitled to call it what it is: an no-excuses crap-fest grab for more hits by baiting the usual haters.

    Have fun in the circle-jerk guys.


  3. TechFan says:

    "Not bloody likely," she said
    Are you sure you didn't ask her on a date?

  4. From Little Ireland says:

    has a new way of trying to get Windows 10 onto your computer, whether you want
    it or not.

  5. psycros says:

    This wouldn't be nearly as big a story if Microsoft wasn't putting out the same "important" update week after week under a new name. That's the truly despicable aspect of this whole debacle - a giant of the industry acting like a typical shady malware distributor. At this rate they won't be a giant for much longer.

    • roborat says:

      This wouldn't be nearly as big a story if Microsoft wasn't putting out the same "important" update week after week under a new name.
      What an ignorant post. There's an army of enterprise agreement engineers who are paid to review every KB releases who hasn't mentioned such nonsense.
      Not to worry though, we're used to your wild unsubstantiated claims.

      • barely_normal says:

        "enterprise agreement engineers" Do you make this crap up?

      • roborat says:

        No. It is you guys who make things up. Engineers, Professionals, SMEs. Makes no difference to the update process.

        Read and educate yourself.

      • Karrenivandyke says:

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      • Brendajlocklear2 says:

        "my room mate Mary Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr".....!jk531etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month's payout..just a little over.17k Dollars Last month..3-5 hours job a day...with weekly's realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 Dollars...Learn. More right Here !jk531e:➽:➽:➽➽➽➽ http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsPermanentGetPay-Hour$98.... .✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸✸::::::!jk531e....,........

  6. Ron Bockman says:

    Microsoft, thanks for keeping my computer up to date.

  7. 1DaveN says:

    It's really sad that professionals are running their offices on unmanaged PCs. Why isn't it malpractice when a doctor is running in a configuration where he/she is likely to lose access to your chart, or worse yet your x-rays in the middle of a procedure? If these people were treating computing as clients have a right to expect, instead of like the porn viewing machine at home, we wouldn't be reading the same stories over and over again.

  8. MyDisqussion says:

    The average non-betanews reader is going to see the message, think Close means "go away", and click it. It doesn't say "Downgrade me", "Go ahead", or "OK". It says "Close."

    Perhaps there should be two similarly styled and positioned buttons, "Install" and "No."

  9. Tacoman3o3 says:

    Microsoft, thank you for forcing Windows 10 up our asses.

  10. BoltmanLives says:

    Learn to read people

    I can't help if you cannot read...neither can Microsoft

  11. Fantasm says:

    That's why I keep my Windows 7 Boot disk securely backed up. If I end up with Windows 10 by accident or because Microsoft circumvents my blocking it somehow, I can easily restore my system back to windows 7.

    • roborat says:

      How's your Windows XP backup doing when you were saying the same thing about Windows 7 back in 2008?

      • Fantasm says:

        Actually I loved Windows 7 when it came out. I installed it on my main PC's with 24 hours of trying it. It worked with all my hardware and only posed an issue with a computer toy microscope that only worked under XP (oddly that was made by Microsoft too... LOL) so no big deal...

        and wasn't that in 2009?
        Haven't had any issues with it and it's worked along just fine...

    • techagnostic says:

      It wont be an accident, YOU will initiate the install. It can't and wont do it unless the user tells it to.

    • Bill Stelling says:

      You can stop it at any time as well..

  12. sgrandin says:

    Had shoulder impingement on both sides since the late 1990s. As I understand it, it's caused by the clavicle and acromion rubbing against each other. In any case, arthroscopy solved it in one shoulder. The other will need some work sooner or later. A good sports orthopedist, preferably an athlete who understands (and listens), is the way to go, not an osteopath, which is a variation on general practitioner.

  13. roborat says:

    Never mind Windows 10 - which is growing by ~ 1 MEELLION a day. Your misplaced faith in Osteopathy in fixing your shoulder is the real problem.

    There's currently no good evidence that osteopathy is effective as a treatment for health conditions unrelated to the musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles).

  14. tirpider says:

    'like the best crapware'

    Like all that shit on fileforum, eh?

  15. ShahinD says:

    Good Move

  16. Ordeith says:

    You need a new osteopath. Find one with better IT management. No workstation on a well run network would ever see those messages. No user that didn't have administrative rights would be able to authorize an update. You witnessed two security fouls, better to take your business elsewhere.

    • Charles says:

      "You need a new osteopath. Find one with better IT management."

      Yeah, because we want our choice of medical care to be dictated by Windows 10 update behavior (face palm).

      • Ordeith says:

        Your choice of medical should be partially influenced by the ability of the practice to maintain good IT practices, yes. Or do you want to risk being the patient they fail to treat due to the latest ransomware infection they failed to protect themselves from?

      • Fantasm says:

        I think I'd choose a doctor based on how good he or she is as a medical practitioner...
        I can maintain good IT practices... probably better than most, but I probably suck at much more than First Aid/CPR... and I lack empathy as well....

      • Charles says:

        "Your choice of medical should be partially influenced by the ability of the practice to maintain good IT practices, yes"

        So when our doctor calls us in to the examination room, we should say "Nope... sorry doc, not until I interview your IT guy first. So get him in here STAT!"

      • dwick_OR says:

        "Your choice of medical should be partially influenced by the ability of the practice to maintain good IT practices, yes."

        No worries at least here in the US. The next revision of Obamacare will pile on a bunch of overkill IT requirements brought to us by the same folks that ran the Obama Administration's IRS (e.g., Lois Lerner's conveniently missing e-mails) and State Dept (e.g., Hillary's personal e-mail server) IT operations. That should only jack up health insurance premiums by another 20% or so.

    • Fantasm says:

      I see, didn't know every doctor had a IT management department...
      My old doctor sure as hell didn't... HE was the IT department... LOL
      My new doctor doesn't have an IT department either...

      • Ordeith says:

        That's when you outsource to a good IT management company. There's no excuse for not following good practices (or HIPAA regulations).

      • Iain Simpson says:

        most medical offices have an IT department that takes care of their network needs and such, for a doctors office with so much sensitive material sitting on their hard drives is not a good thing.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        No, most of them don't. Most of them contract with either MSP's or independent IT consultants.

        I know this because I've worked for many small health care providers as an independent contractor in the past, and am currently employed by a very big one.

    • Richard Saunders says:

      You have no idea how smaller health care clinics work. They don't have the budget for dedicated staff or any kind of server equipment and all of the maintenance that entails. Instead they contract with either MSPs or independent technology consultants. Likewise, WSUS isn't an option for them in most cases.

      I know this because I've been working for small clinics like these for years as an independent contractor, and presently work for a very large health care provider. None of them can afford to pay anywhere near what the typical full time salary demands of somebody with enough knowledge to manage a HIPAA compliant infrastructure. Or at least, nobody with that kind of expertise would work for that cheap.

      • Ordeith says:

        Oh great. The lover of google privacy invasion is in charge of securing HIPAA protected information. There goes the neighborhood.

        Seriously, it doesn't require on site servers or WSUS. You just have to pay for an hour of time with someone that knows what the hell they are doing. It doesn't look like that's you.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Based on your statements it's obvious you have no idea how to manage Windows in an enterprise environment. You just made a dead giveaway of that fact in one of your sentences; I'll leave it up to you to figure out which. I have a few years of experience in this, by the way, and in fact have Microsoft's MTA, MCP, and MCSA certifications for Server 2012 R2 (in addition to active CCDA, CCNA R&S, CCNA Security, CCNP R&S, and VMware VCP 5.5 certifications.)

        I also make north of a 6 figure sum for the work I do, and I guarantee you'd shit bricks if you saw my professional references.

        Anyways, your statement is false. In order to effectively filter windows automatic updates, you basically have three choices:

        1) Block them completely
        2) Configure them to do one of: Download automatically with or without prompt, and install with or without prompt.
        3) WSUS

        No business, anywhere, ever, can individually filter Windows updates without somebody being there to watch which ones are coming and knowing which ones are appropriate for that environment.

        In other words, paying for an hour of somebody's time is nowhere near adequate. Saying otherwise is very foolish.

      • Ordeith says:

        All that inflated self importance and you're still a dumbass. Whoda thunk.

        Of course I was referring, specifically, to the Windows 10 upgrade prompt. Which won't appear on enterprise versions, or professional versions where the user is not a local admin (what should be the minimum default configuration of any business).

        He'll, they could set the whole thing up in Azure AD and implement device policies if they fancy.

        But you're the entitled one, at least on virtual unverified paper.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        "Which won't appear on enterprise versions, or professional versions where the user is not a local admin (what should be the minimum default configuration of any business)."

        Yes, it will actually, in both cases, with the exception of enterprise, which won't upgrade to 10 only due to licensing restrictions. And I'll add: No small or even medium size clinic makes enough money to afford the Enterprise edition windows.

      • Ordeith says:

        No it will not. Primarily because a user who is not local admin will not have the authority to complete the install.
        I've made a small fortune cleaning up after paper certers, you aren't making much of a case for being one of the few competent ones.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        "No it will not. Primarily because a user who is not local admin will not have the authority to complete the install."

        It seems you don't keep up with current events: No user interaction is required at all to complete it. This is exactly why so many people are upset about this. It fully installs and upgrades to 10 by itself, and after that upgrade is completed, it shows you an EULA, which if you decline, downgrades to 7. I don't think it's necessary to describe the potential disaster that each step of this "process" presents.

      • Ordeith says:

        I manage more than my fair share of machines and speak from experience.

        Dick Saunders, just another ignorant paper certer.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        The only dick here is in your mouth.

      • Ordeith says:

        Aw, did the poor ignorant paper certer get his feelings hurt? Poor fragile snowflake.
        I genuinely feel sorry for any business that fell for your act.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        I'll tell you what, here's a basic subnetting question that should only take about 30 seconds to solve for even a first year IT graduate. Let's see if you can even solve it in 20 minutes:

        Given the supernet, create three subnets just big enough for 2048 hosts, each subnet is to only have one router, and that router is to have the final valid IP address in the network. You only have to list the router address and its CIDR mask and not the network or broadcast address.


      • Ordeith says:

        That's less CCNA and more A+ networking. Pathetic. Try some IPv6 sometime Mr. Out of date.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        No shit, I specifically said it was easy. IPv6 is even easier. Unless you're a service provider, there's rarely any reason to use anything other than a /64 network, and even if you do, converting the bits to hex is dead simple along with calculating network sizes, especially given that there's no such thing as either a network address or a broadcast address to account for.

        This, by the way, is exactly why IPv6 is mostly stateless configuration.

        Anyways, you failed. Now get back to servicing my dick.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        HA HA " Small dick guy" (Richard Saunders)^^^^^^^^^ LOL

      • pmdci says:

        This pissing contest is senseless. By the way both of you have conducted yourselves in this discussion, clearly both of you have small dicks.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Umm...The guy is claiming that Windows 10 doesn't self install, and that it's the fault of the business owner if it does. It's a load of shit.

      • pmdci says:

        Yes it is (a load of shit). But This whole "service my dick" tirade... Honestly! The two of you should get a room.

      • BoltmanLives says:

      • Ordeith says:

        You really shouldn't do his homework for him. Let him earn his paper cert like everyone else.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        That won't give you the answer I asked for. It'll help, but that's it.

        I personally calculate subnets in my head and don't rely on tools like these.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Yea becuse using online tools is so You use an abacus too?

      • Richard Saunders says:

        So in other words, you must be telling me that you need to get out a calculator to solve 1+1. Subnetting is literally that easy to me because I do it all the time.

        Besides, as I said, even that subnet calculator won't give you the exact answer that I asked for.

      • BoltmanLives says:


        It does, but hey you want to do it in your head go for it. Yawn.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Nope, try again. Hint: a /21 can't fit 2048 hosts.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        /20 then

      • Richard Saunders says:

        You still haven't provided the answer I asked for.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Same with that cidr

      • Richard Saunders says:

        No, it's not. I asked for the final host address within the correct subnet and correct subnet size. You haven't provided that.

        If I were interviewing you for a job, I'd have already passed on you for another candidate.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        I provided it...

        Now I would not be interviewing for a job that all you needed to do is use a subnet calculator..LOL

        Subnetting is OVERRATED people think they are smart by doing it..its binary math same as 1+1. A desk jocky can input #' s into a calculator...and you subnet a network once...done

        no biggie. If you think sub-netting is some magical skill? You are toast

      • Richard Saunders says:

        No, you didn't. Those addresses you listed aren't the final valid host addresses of three subnets large enough to fit 2048 hosts.

        Anyways, just to give you an idea, you love everything Microsoft, right? Well, Microsoft's own MCSA asks you subnetting questions on the exam, and you aren't allowed to use any kind of calculator on the exam either. The same is also true of basically every Cisco exam, or at the very least in order to answer the questions correctly you have to understand subnetting and be able to figure out address ranges quickly. And again, no calculators.

        Also, I've never been allowed to use any kind of calculator in any interview I've done.

      • BoltmanLives says:

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Again, wrong answer.

        See why I get paid what I do, meanwhile you have a second mortgage on your cardboard box?

      • BoltmanLives says:

        so whats YOUR answer so I can laugh

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Was that so hard? I didn't ask for broadcast addresses or network addresses, and I didn't have to plug anything into a calculator. Just do some quick arithmetic and type.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Look above nimrod..LOL

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Again, I didn't ask for network or broadcast addresses. I asked for the addresses with cidr notation.

        Besides, Nimrod doesn't mean what you think it means. (Notice how I capitalized it.)

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Whatever loser,,wow

        Go stare at you CCNA cert and feel better you were just mentally outmatched and powned tonight

        Read up on SDN and go find another job LOL

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Loser? I'm the one with the job and literally every material possession I've ever wanted.

        And what do you have? Why, Steve Ballmer's semen of course, but only because he forces it inside of you.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Um sure.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Why one does that crap in their head ..give me a break

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Yes, they do. If you work in a large scale environment, you'll do it often.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Not really but you can pretend its important

      • BoltmanLives says:

        Is it a newer router? Is that what you said smarty pants?

      • Richard Saunders says:

        No, not even close (not to mention outright wrong.) I asked what the subnet mask was, and they immediately knew that I was aware of the answer. Why do you think that they think I knew?

      • BoltmanLives says:

        You had it written on your forehead?

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Think about it: Under what condition would be a valid host address? If you have any idea how IPv4 works at all, this is a very simple question.

        Anyways, a "newer" router isn't exactly descriptive, because RFC1878 was published over 20 years ago.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        If it was in a workgroup

      • Richard Saunders says:

        No. You and your sausage mate Ordeith pretend to be IT experts and yet neither of you can even understand the basics of IPv4, even when using a subnet calculator as a crutch.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        In a workgroup I can use 192.168 1.0 lol doesn't matter dude.

        Not like I'm routing dude LOL
        Boy you are dumb

        No IF iwas routing .0 is THIS network hard lol at you

      • Richard Saunders says:

        What the fuck are you even talking about? Workgroup is an SMB concept which has nothing to do with IPv4. In fact the whole thing started back in the novell days when Microsoft stuck to NetBIOS and IPX.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        I'm powning you as you put ZERO parameters on the question... LOL Wow you should stop before you look like a moron..I'm always at least three steps ahead mentally

      • Richard Saunders says:

        The question was quite specific. Notice how you failed repeatedly with the last one I asked? You're doing the same here.

        Also that's spelled pwning.

      • BoltmanLives says:

        All I notice is YOU think you know something others don't and TRY to pretend. We all get subnetting LOL. WE all know subnetting is basically the IT persons "secret knowledge" when in fact it is BASIC math and also when in fact its not used everyday. Perhaps if you are setting up a network but for all the efoor of MEMORIZING how to subnet in your head that in itself shows you focus on unneeded stuff instead of the BIG PICTURE.

        Sop get off of your self created IT Power perch, and your old "5 person" job interview where evidently they all were quite amazed you knes .0 was THIS NETWORK and the fact you may own a phone, TV and car and learn that what you know basically everyone knows..and you are not "special". I am special because I know what you know and more. I know the future of IT..I understand it and figured it out long ago. Its more than subnetting (supernetting) BSthat router dudes like to think is some secret whichcraft...Besides the DEVICES with SDN will set themselves up anyhow so what you know is already obsolete..congrats

        Now stop being a total putz.

      • Captain555 says:

        Wow, that's was fun to read. You easily exposed him.

        I haven't played with this stuff for 13 years since I retired from IBM. Made me realize, when you don't use it, you lose it. Thanks.

      • Ordeith says:

        He does live up to his 'Dick is short for Richard' name, though.

      • Captain555 says:

        Comment like that just validate what a small minded person you are.

      • John Chhouk says:

        This also true for small to medium businesses that have little to no IT department at all if their lucky they have 1 person .Sometimes that 1 person wears many hats for example in many schools the computer teacher is the IT guy and if something goes wrong they're up the creek. Also many businesses don't have the money to run out and get the and greatest whatever like replacing office every 3 years or renting office 365 forever. The major problem here is that ms wants everyone to uproot what they've doing and pretty much changed how people have done things for years while not taking into account the real world problems that their causing just to fit their own goals. For example ms says that forcing home users to auto update will keep them safer which is false considering that most people have auto update on and still get hit with something.MS is clearly assuming that everyone has high speed internet/wifi and that clearly not the case and the fact their update process it totally broken and they've admitted as much. That can't go month with a bad patch that breaks everything than put out a half baked fix for that fix only to put out a fix for the fix repeat til the end of time. All because they wanna be like apple and google.

    • Another_Lurker says:

      Small operations, medical or otherwise, IT department consists of the most computer literate employee as the part-time IT department and a couple of contractors. Hopefully the contractors set up the infrastructure correctly and the in-house person can keep it running. Plus in the medical field they are limited by what is approved and the OS it must run on.

    • Richard Saunders says:

      Speak of all of this, I discovered an interesting thing today: According to a certain government HIPAA auditor, all non-enterprise versions of Windows 10 will instantly fail a HIPAA security audit. It's probably not a coincidence that Microsoft certifies all of its business products within the last 6 years as being HIPAA compliant EXCEPT for Windows 10.

      Meanwhile, guess which one of Microsoft's biggest competitors produces a certain mobile OS that does pass HIPAA compliance under certain configurations?

      • Ordeith says:

        You seriously just said that Windows 10 will pass HIPAA under certain configurations, and that Android with pass HIPAA under certain configurations. Your stupidity and bias only made your language a lot more colorful and misleading.

        What you failed to mention is that it is relatively easy to implement those configurations with Windows 10, and it is very difficult to do the same with Android. Android configurations often require changes by the hardware partner before it can be certified, and those images aren't generally available to the gullible Googlerati.

        You also failed to mention that Windows remains far more useful in a HIPAA compliant state than it's Android counterpart.

        Ars has a story on what happens when medical practitioners take advice from Google's agenda pushing morons like Dick Saunders. They even have a good likeness of you as the lead in picture of the story.

        In most cases, the documents are uploaded by employees who don't understand the privacy implications of what they're doing. They simply know that Google Docs and similar services are a much easier way to exchange documents than official methods provided by their employer. In other cases, they use misconfigured third-party apps to swap documents with co-workers. The end result is documents that never should have been made public but can in fact be downloaded by anyone.
        "We found a couple hospitals that had breaches in HIPAA compliance," Compaas COO Doron David said. "There was patient information, what types of surgeries they had, social security numbers. Anything that you would think of that you would consider personal is the type of thing we've come across."

        Welcome to the future, brought to you by Dick Saunders and his fellow ignorant Googlerati.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        "You seriously just said that Windows 10 will pass HIPAA under certain configurations"

        No, just one configuration, and it happens to be the one configuration that no small clinic can afford.

        Meanwhile, anybody can afford Android.

      • Ordeith says:

        Does Google supply what you're smoking?
        Any version of Windows can be made HIPAA compliant with a few settings options. Professional and Enterprise and more easily managed than Home, but it is relatively easily achieved with all. If you weren't some dumb paper certer you might know that.

        Android is barely HIPAA compliant with Blackberry's version, and even then you have to strip out much of GMS to make it so. Or are you now trying to draw some distinction between AOSP and GMS to support your idiotic claim?

      • Richard Saunders says:

        "Does Google supply what you're smoking?"

        Have you ever noticed that your arguments are more about attacking the person whereas mine are more technical in nature? Kind of tells you who is the one blowing smoke.

      • Ordeith says:

        "Have you ever noticed that your arguments are more about attacking the person whereas mine are more technical in nature?"
        "The only dick here is in your mouth." -Dick Saunders

        Can't say that I've noticed anything but you being technically incorrect all the time.

        I'm just incredulous that anyone can be so willfully ignorant and still arrogantly defend that weakness.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        Well for example, you haven't the slightest idea why Android 5.1 or above is HIPAA compliant in all implementations except in cases where it's rooted (for reasons nobody will ever know, you seem to think it has to do with blackberry.) And you also haven't the slightest idea of why Windows 10 in all but enterprise editions isn't.

        It specifically has to do with how the kernel works in both cases.

      • Ordeith says:

        And you are, again, completely wrong. I doubt a paper certer like you even knows what a Kernel is.

      • Richard Saunders says:

        You call me a paper certer yet you can't even figure out a Network+ level subnetting problem.

      • Ordeith says:

        Just because I didn't fall for your lame attempt at misdirection like boltman did? It's the only thing you retreat you when you lost everything else. you think I didn't notice?

      • Richard Saunders says:

        I haven't lost anywhere, actually.

      • Ordeith says:

        Lol. Are all the Googlerati as delusional as you?

      • Captain555 says:

        So funny how a few of them here just all sound alike.

  17. BinBin2000 says:

    it's mainly because MS does not give a sh*t about anyone except for MS,even Enterprise is their "little b***h".They are a heartless company and they deserve to have their garbage spyware W10 fail massively.The end ----------Windows74Life----------

    • Iain Simpson says:

      they are trying to get as many people off an older operating system, which in my eyes is a good thing. But the question I have for you is with all the hate you have for Windows 10 and the fact that you will never install it, why do you keep coming to these windows 10 posts and continue day after day to say the same thing.

      • BinBin2000 says:

        Dirty job,but somebody has to do it!

      • techagnostic says:

        I guess you still have not un-plugged that modem. I could start a go fund me so that we could pay you too??

      • BinBin2000 says:

        You seem to be really excited about the thought of me leaving lol!

      • barely_normal says:

        Where there is life there is hope...many keep hoping MS will pull its own had out soon.

      • Ascaris says:

        They are trying to get people off an older operating system that serves the needs of its users, and onto one that throws them under the bus in order to serve the needs of Microsoft. That's not a good thing.

  18. techagnostic says:

    It is Monday, Wayne is filling his quota of Window 10 bashing. 1-2 more later this week to come.

    BTW if you do not want to see this update stuff, try this...

    It is basically a utility that uses the official method from Microsoft to disable the upgrade prompts.

    It installs nothing on your computer, just applies some registry changes that would be used in a Enterprise environment.

    • BoltmanLives says:

      Technically they are MS recomended group policy settings..but close

      • techagnostic says:

        Technically the GPO is the delivery method and the registry change is the actual fix.

        In this case the tool is using the local policy tool to change the registry since GPO's are a AD/Domain tool and a home computer wont or can't be joined to one.

  19. BinBin2000 says:

    This is why I prefer Ballmer over Nadella,at least Steve knew how we felt about Windows and respected choice.W8 was pushed hard but he never crossed the "bullying" line.Nadella seems to have crawled out from under a rock and assumed we all love & trust this product implicitly.Say what you want about Stevie B... W7 was pretty much released under his watch.He was the voice of promotion for the best Windows ever released.

  20. solarscreen . says:

    The idiots continue to complain about behaviors they have complete control over but are too ignorant or arrogant to setup correctly. Updates are essential to security. If you don't want random updates, set your machine to allow you to decide when to get and install your updates. What you should have done is kindly show them how to do that. Now you have just doomed them to infection and compromise and theft of PII in the future, INCLUDING YOURS. Genius....

    • John Chhouk says:

      This is true but people shouldn't have to do it. Most people have little to know tech know how at all. Users and businesses need to be able to trust that their updates don't sneak something unwanted in or break something. What ms has done is subverted their own process just to meet a marketing goal thereby causing people to not trust/ fear updates which is dangerous and short sighted. It also gives ms the feeling that they can do whatever they wish without any fear of backlash

      • solarscreen . says:

        Look at it this way; users have abdicated their responsibility to update their machines and keep them safe yet scream and threaten and curse high and low when their machines break, misconfigure, or get owned by malware. MS is taking on the responsibility of administrator so you don't have to. THIS IS giving them what they want whether they said so or not. If you prefer to be the administrator, BE THE ADMINISTRATOR.

      • Bill Stelling says:

        Hear, hear..

      • John Chhouk says:

        That may very well be but that only works ms is trust worthy and actually good at doing things which they aren't I mean ms update pretty much broken.

      • solarscreen . says:

        And now your tinfoil hat is showing...

      • talbotvanman says:

        well said !

      • MD B says:

        "MS is taking on the responsibility of administrator so you don't have to."

        Wow. Just ... wow. Are you serious or are you really just that astonishingly stupid??

      • solarscreen . says:

        Did you read what I said COMPLETELY or do you just troll everyone?

        Everyone who REFUSES to learn how their computer works and refuses to update their machines responsibly but then complain about security need an administrator who WILL do these things. By their abdication of responsibilities towards computing and security, MS MUST do it. Comprende?

      • MD B says:

        Yes, I read every word of it. Those who REFUSE to learn how their computer works or refuse to update their machines are indeed irresponsible .. but guess what .. it's on them. That is NOT and should NEVER BE an open door for Microsoft or any other company to come in and make themselves the administrator of a system, most especially ACROSS THE BOARD. If anything, it should please companies such as Microsoft because when the simpleton users screw up their systems due to neglect or utter stupidity, it's more money they have to spend for tech support or a new system. Even a Microsoft Stepford Minion such as yourself should be able to understand that ... and before you accuse anyone of being a troll, make sure your own comments don't paint you as a douchebag. COMPRENDE?

      • solarscreen . says:

        Except that MS must shoulder all the blame and listen to two faced complainers constantly bashing them on the internet and watch as the news bashes them for not providing administrative services to all these ignoramuses. So while you may be capable of handling yourself without their assistance, most users cannot and would rather someone else do it for them and actually complain if they do not. Its the same for Apple users and Android users and car owners, etc... oblivious people who want their cake and eat it too, then sue the doctors because they got diabetes. Cloud services are booming for this very reason; people just want to use their photo taking, Facebook posting, Wikipedia reading, celebrity tracking device and backups, updates, security and recovery should all be magically done by the OS/device/software providers. Billions of users fall into this category. But not you, apparently, we get it.

        Astonishingly stupid? AS IF you were the sole genius and guru of all correct behaviors and knowledge for all persons and if it's not your way, then you are astonishingly stupid. That would be an extremely narrow minded, arrogant, ignorant opinion from someone who probably knows nothing about what he is talking about but acts like he knows it all.

        So while I look forward to reading your caustic, vulgar, raving troll like response, I realize you aren't here for any kind of discussion but to drive people not of your thinking away so you can dominate this virtual posting kingdom of yours, ignorance and all. Good luck with that.

      • MD B says:

        Well, I certainly don't want to disappoint you. Blow it out your ass, dipshit. :)

      • solarscreen . says:

        14 days and that's it? Well... bye.

      • Bill Stelling says:

        Their insecurity effects us all.. Not just them. I administer my systems and have never had any of the issues all of you non tech types keep bitching about.
        As you put it, it's on them.. just like initiating the upgrade and then getting all shocked when it does what it is supposed to do is on you..
        YOU have to initiate the upgrade.. IT DOES NOT start on it's own. Also, there are plenty of opportunities to delay or cancel it before it installs if you take the time to read what is in front of you. If you like I can post up the pics again showing these things..

      • tradergar says:

        It's just another Microsoft employee troll.

      • solarscreen . says:

        Prove it or you are just a deluded liar with mothing better to do than troll and slander people on the internet.

      • Another_Lurker says:

        My vote is stupid.

      • solarscreen . says:

        Another person who can't read and has no concept of reality.

      • Marcelove says:

        People are already doing that: they are ditching W10 over Macs or Linux. Soon Chrome OS will be an alternative too... And some years from now people will look back and see the major suicide path M$ took trying to be the "big brother" ... And i'm telling you all this being a Windows user for most that a decade and half, knowing how to administrate my computer, but not accepting this new behaviour the company took. I'm keeping my computer with a dual W7 + Mint and when i need a new PC for sure none with W10 will be a choice to considerate.

      • solarscreen . says:

        Yeah, a few. so instead of 3% of computer users the number may go up to 5% that don't use Windows. My guess is that once they fight with the issues that come with other OSes and realize Windows was not as bad as they thought, the number will drop back down to 3% again.

    • skeptichi says:

      I had my Windows 10 computer set to download updates but let me decide when or if to install them. Last week, my computer started downloading and installing updates. I checked my settings. They had been changed to download and install automatically. The setup for updates had been changed without my consent and i could not restore my original settings. That was the last straw; I am looking for a new OS.

      • Sybil says:

        That happened to me too. Just turn off those updates and wait until someone extracts the true updates from the Win 10 trickery. It will take until the summer but you're probably fine.

      • talbotvanman says:

        Ive just changed my settings after an attempt by Microsoft to
        download Windows 10 unrequested Thanks for this post so I
        can keep an eye on this underhand trickery ! urgghhhh

      • RadiantFlowers says:

        When upgrading from Win 8.1 to Win 10 I ended up with major screen resolution issues when switching to an external monitor. Tried upgrading display drivers, etc. Ended up going back to Win 8.1 twice. Our next laptop will be a MacBook of some flavor. MS just does not care about it's users enough to listen and make a real OS that people enjoy using without schizophrenic releases every few years.

  21. Truth Teller says:

    How typical of Microsoft and lately, Apple. "We know better than you what you should have and do. No, we don't want you to have simple, easy choices. Do what we say, dammit!"

  22. Frank Andersson says:

    Glad i don't have to waste my time and money with crap of Microsoft.

    • Bill Stelling says:

      Funny, as you just wasted time posting your irrelevant opinion about... You guessed it.. Microsoft.

  23. sounder says:

    Father Microsoft knows best. :-p

  24. Zootopia3001 says:

    Hehehe, you WILL assimilate, eventually. We are the Borg.

  25. M S i N Lund says:

    Straight from the popcorn trick school of business ethics.

  26. Karrenivandyke says:

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  27. Sybil says:

    I have been dialoguing with a few Capitalists (maybe Ayn Randers, not sure) about a difference between Free Enterprise and Capitalism. This is an excellent example of Capitalism. Capitalism does not compete, it overlords, promotes a product, any product and strives to dominate the market. You are not a customer, you are merely an element of the market.

  28. talbotvanman says:

    As posted below Windows tried to download W10 "while my back was turned"
    I immediately switched off and when I switched back on the screen read " a previous
    version of Windows is being opened" and my W7 re appeared thank goodness !
    Now I am not savvy enough to know if I did the right thing but it worked.Will
    Microsoft get the message or try again. Like a lot of people I want to decide if
    I want a different system after all Microsoft it is my computer !!

  29. AJ Landpirate says:

    I got rid of the tray icon by removing the update KB3035583 which was rolled out at the end of April 2016. I had to change my view when going through all the updates to uninstall to include information or it would not show up on the list. I also set my updates to allow me to choose whether or not to download them. So far so good, still no icon in the tray and no more hassling me with their pop ups and forced designated date and time for download. Now, two days later one "important" update is now pending my approval and guess what that is? Yep. KB3035583. Important to whom? Microsoft, that is who. They are just bullies hijacking everyone's computer and destroying the trust people had in MS to keep their computers up to date and safe. They are totally taking advantage of that trust and I for one will be shopping for a MAC the next time I get a computer. This is absolutely insidious behavior on MS's part and it reminds me of a few Doctor Who episodes with the cybermen but without The Doctor to save us. "YOU WILL BE UPGRADED, YOU WILL ASSIMILATE OR BE DELETED"

  30. Maria2154 says:

    like Sandra said I cannot believe that someone can earn $5630 in one month on the internet . see here


  31. pforbes says:

    The best of all solutions:
    Keep a copy of all your files into an external drive, then format the HDD, install the initial version of Windows 7 and don't accept any updates at all. You can find the security you need by using third party software.

  32. marcos4oz says:

    Truth is that most PC users have few real skills related to the technical maintenance or management of any OS. Apple knows this, and has largely isolated the user from the underlying system which makes the Apple experience of doing daily tasks a simple exercise. (composing a letter, emailing it and keeping up with your Facebook friends.) Linux on the other hand seems to require one to have more knowledge, but can be rewarding for its fans. Windows is somewhere in the middle, once set up, its easy for the casual user, but offers a lot of possibilities and options for the computer nerd, or the business IT manager to control.
    Unlike Apple OS, Windows must be able to run of a wide range of hardware, each offering specific device drivers. This is complex and difficult to manage. So is software and OS version control.
    So for the majority of users, letting Microsoft manage their computers on their behalf is probably the best possible solution, as they are not likely to do it themselves, and they won't hire an IT professional to do it for them.
    For the tech savvy, we already know how to manage Windows 10 automatic upgrades, and can choose what we want, when we want. If you can't do this, you really should just let Microsoft do it for you, after all, you trust them to develop the whole OS that runs your computer, don't you think they are capable of correctly deciding what and when their own software requires updating?
    Also, Microsoft must remain competitive in the market place, or investors will go of looking for easy money elsewhere. This is not my idea, it's just how consumerism and capitalism works. It's sensible, important and natural that old software and hardware die off, and that people remain current with technology as much as possible.
    If everyone stayed on Win7 on their 10 year old PC, then Microsoft would shut their doors tomorrow, and Bill Gates would go into real estate. And you would be trying to figure out Linux.
    Apple exist for only as long as they can convince fans to upgrade to the latest incarnation of the iPhone, once people decide that their old IPhone is still great, and there's no real benefit to upgrade, then Apple is in trouble.
    I for one don't want Microsoft to get into any trouble. I want them to remain strong and innovative. After all, I want a Hololense when they come out for the masses, and then there's the special software I use daily that is only available for Windows OS. (Engineering 3D CAD) So I don't see Microsoft Win 10 as some big boogie man, spying on my every move, I see it as an exciting new chapter in the history of a Industry icon. We live in exciting times. Cortana for example, can't be very useful to me if the system is prevented from accessing my computer daily habits and files. A real flesh and blood secretary would be useless if you won't give access to the office phone, the internet, and the office file cabinet.
    If your worried about spying, Microsoft, Apple, Google are not the real problems,you should be looking at those with real power to do damage in your life. Your government.

    So relax a bit, and either bone up on how to maintain your computer correctly, or just remain a simple user of apps, and let someone with more expertise keep your PC ruining smoothly. (with occasional, and inevitable bugs that may require you to get some extra help) This is true no matter what OS you may choose.

  33. just as Andrea implied I cant believe that any one able to get paid $5153 in one month on the internet . you can check here


  34. Eric Talbot says:

    I'm infuriated by the way Windows 10 has a mind all its own - I'd set my system to accept security updates ONLY - this lasted the better part of a year - now Windows 10 has taken charge and run its FULL update! As a result, my PC is a mess - text on many programs is so tiny I have to use a magnifying glass to read it. Other programs are now corrupted. I am now forced to have to do a complete hard drive wipe and clean installation. I'm FED UP with Windows 10! Thinking I'll go back to using Windows 8. If this doesn't work, then it's time to migrate to using Ubuntu.

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