Newsprompt displays breaking news on Chrome’s new tab page


Newsprompt is a free Chrome extension which finds, sorts and displays 50+ of the latest news stories on your new tab page. The add-on scans 1,000+ top websites covering broad and niche categories, uses smart algorithms to remove any duplicates, and presents you with the results: a picture, headline, source and date per story.

Just skimming through the recent results will get you up-to-date in seconds. Click anything interesting and the source article opens in new tab.

A sidebar has more specific links, covering trending stories (Highly Read, Highly Shared, Recommended) and specific topic areas (World, US News, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, Science, Health).

Or, if you’ve had enough of the news, you could carry on browsing with a Yahoo!-powered search box.

There’s apparently some intelligence here, with the developer claiming Newsprompt offers recommendations based on your browsing history, sites and topics you like.

What you don’t get is any manual control or configurability. You can’t tell the add-on to always display sports stories first, for instance, and it won’t remember and redisplay whatever category you were viewing last time.

Still, if you’re mostly looking for general news then Newsprompt delivers, quickly presenting you with all the latest stories across a host of sources and categories.

Newsprompt is a free extension for Google Chrome.

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