Customers penalize businesses with a bad mobile experience


Think mobile experience isn’t important to the success of your business? Think again. A massive 85 percent of people are unlikely to do business with a company following a bad mobile experience, according to the results of a new study from LogMeIn and research firm Vanson Bourne.

The study also revealed that businesses are currently falling short in delivering satisfying mobile experiences for their customers, with the number of respondents happy with their last mobile engagement with a business dropping from 59 percent in 2015 to 52 percent in 2016.

Although it should come as no great surprise, mobile continues to emerge as a vital component for e-commerce. As well as 53 percent of respondents reporting that they regularly use their mobile device to research products or services before buying, 79 percent said they have made at least one mobile purchase in the last 12 months.

Furthermore, respondents report that 27 percent of all of their purchases in the last year were made on mobile devices.

However, despite the importance being placed on positive mobile engagement with customers, many businesses are falling short. The biggest drop has been seen in insurance companies, with satisfaction at 47 percent, down from 60 percent, whereas retailers have seen a decrease from 64 percent satisfied to 55 percent.

Dave Campbell, vice president of product marketing for customer engagement and support and LogMeIn said: "There are more ways than ever for companies to engage with customers and mobile is a vital part of a company’s eCommerce success. Customers expect a seamless experience and access to information across all of the channels and devices they use. While not meeting these demands can come with an enormous price tag, a good mobile experience can create a competitive differentiator, drive revenue, and turn prospects into loyal customers".

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