New cloud platform delivers IT resilience

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Economic pressures means IT departments need to provide high levels of service whilst cutting costs and using fewer resources. Legacy infrastructure not only gets in the way of this it limits IT's ability to quickly respond to incidents, outages and security breaches.

Disaster recovery specialist Axcient is launching Fusion, a cloud-converged platform for IT resilience and agility that will allow enterprises to reduce infrastructure overhead and cost, regain valuable IT staff time and deliver a more reliable and high-performing service to their end users.

"Until now, IT departments have been caught in a vicious cycle of buying more hardware and software and building more data centers to ensure IT availability, adhere to regulatory compliance and improve agility," says Axcient CEO Justin Moore. "Axcient Fusion solves the problem by replacing all non-production IT infrastructure with one elastic, cloud-converged platform. From one copy of production data, with unlimited on-demand networking and compute, we enable every business to run with the resilience and agility of the world's largest enterprises at one-tenth the cost".

Fusion offers businesses five critical non-production workloads consolidated into one cloud-converged platform. This delivers a 30x reduction in data storage footprint by removing global duplication, along with a 10x reduction in network and compute requirements.

In addition there's a 90 percent reduction in bandwidth consumption with in-line WAN optimization. Snapshots can be replicated to the cloud in as little as 90 seconds. In the event of a problem it can allow companies to go from catastrophic infrastructure failure to full IT productivity in under an hour.

Other features include one-click, on-demand testing and development environments using real-time data, fully customizable retention policies for regulatory compliance, and data security with AES-256 key-based encryption.

Fusion is available from today and you can find out more on the Axcient website.

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