Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14915 killing Wi-Fi for some users, and there's no fix

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Windows Insiders are beta testers for Windows 10. They get their hands on the latest builds, and get to try out the latest features. However, they also get to experience known issues and occasionally encounter show-stopping bugs.

A number of Windows Insiders on the Fast ring who installed the latest new release, Build 14915, which was pushed out just yesterday are reporting that it kills their Wi-Fi stone dead.
Writing at the Community forum, Microsoft says:

After the release of build 14915 to the Fast ring for PC yesterday, a Wi-Fi bug has been discovered that is impacting a subset of users. Please review the following:

  • Surface Pro 1
  • Surface Pro 2
  • Wi-Fi adapters using the Marvell driver
  • (There may be other similar drivers affected, research is ongoing)

You may review in Device Manager to see if your PC is affected. You will see an icon on your Wi-Fi adapter similar to this:

wifi problem

The percentage of users impacted is limited, but for those affected, all Wi-Fi functionality is lost and there is no temporary fix to restore Wi-Fi on this build given the nature of the bug. Affected users will need to use a wired connection if available or roll back to the previous OS version on their device to bypass this issue.

Our Engineering teams have quickly completed a root cause analysis of the issue and are working to get the fix checked-in to make it available in our next flight.

This is obviously frustrating news for Insiders affected by the problem, although Microsoft has always stressed that preview builds shouldn't be installed on a system you use daily, particularly not Fast ring releases. Given the severity of the bug, expect Microsoft to roll out a new build as soon as possible.

Image Credit: Ronald Sumners/Shutterstock

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