Pilot-as-a-Service platform connects enterprises to software vendors

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While companies are often keen to have their own custom built applications, the process of coming up with a proof of concept and selecting a developer can be complex and time consuming.

Israel-based prooV wants to make the process easier with the world's first Pilot-as-a-Service platform that seamlessly connects enterprises to independent software vendors.


It offers a user-friendly platform which enables enterprises and ISVs to easily discover, and be discovered by, potential customers, suppliers, and partners, and then seamlessly execute on proof of concept (PoC) opportunities. PoC pilots run on prooV's dedicated cloud-based testing environments that emulate the enterprise’s internal conditions, including data, APIs and systems. Testing environments are automatically created when an enterprise opens and defines new PoC opportunities.

For Enterprises prooV means access to hundreds of qualified vendors and state-of-the-art solutions, real-time predictive analytics based on performance and scalability. There’s also the ability to evaluate multiple vendors simultaneously from a wide range of pre-screened, qualified vendors, and a streamlined way to manage vendor pitches and requests.

For ISVs it means a simplified PoC process that allows them to better showcase innovative technologies, search and apply for open PoC pilots initiated by enterprises, provide greater accessibility to potential projects, and utilize sophisticated testing platforms with minimal resources at low cost.

"The PoC process has been complex, tedious and highly inefficient for both enterprises and vendors -- until now," says prooV CEO and co-founder, Toby Olshanetsky. "prooV offers a radical new approach to testing, tracking and analyzing vendor solutions, accelerating the journey from RFP to PoC. Our goal is to level the playing field for Independent Software Vendors regardless of size, resources or geography, while also giving enterprises around the world greater insight into the best and most innovative technology solutions to suit their needs. prooV's unique testing environments and sophisticated predictive analytics allow the company to simulate real-time production environments for customers".

More information about the platform is available on the prooV website.

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