How to uninstall Windows 10's built-in apps

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There are a number of benefits to being a Windows Insider, the primary one being that you gain access to the latest features before anyone else. If you're running build 14936 of Windows 10, there's a new option available that will be of interest to many people -- the ability to remove built-in apps.

It's something that Windows 10 users have been looking for for some time, and it's not quite clear why it has taken Microsoft so long to make the option available. The good news is that it is now possible to remove some of the default apps that you simply do not need; the bad news is that there are still some that remain untouchable.


While in the past it was necessary to use specialist tool or complicated commands to prise unwanted apps out of the operating system, things are now a great deal easier. Open up Settings, head to the System section, and then click the Apps & features heading to the left of the screen. You can then start to work your way through the list of pre-installed apps.

If you select things like Calculator or Mail and Calendar, you will find that the Uninstall button that was previously unavailable can now be clicked. But the button is not available for all of the built-in apps; Alarms & Clock, for instance, remains stubbornly uninstallable.

For anyone who has been looking to streamline their Windows 10 installation, this latest change is great news. It only remains to be seen if the uninstall options will make their way to the stable build of Windows 10, and if Microsoft will increase the number of apps that can be uninstalled.

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