69 percent of businesses experience data loss due to employee turnover

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A new report from IT research and consulting company Osterman Research reveals that employee turnover and attrition is the number one data protection concern for enterprises.

Of the organizations surveyed, 69 percent indicate that they have suffered significant data or knowledge loss resulting from employees who had left the business.


The report explains that while there are generalized problems associated with the loss of corporate knowledge and expertise when employees leave, many of these problems are related to employees actually taking data with them when they depart, or leaving it in locations that are unknown or inaccessible to corporate data managers.

"Whether its premeditated or simply in error, many employees leave their employers with a wide variety of data types that can include confidential or sensitive financial data, customer information, and/or product, sales and marketing roadmaps, as well as other business critical intellectual property," says Michael Osterman, CEO and founder of Osterman Research. "This can leave a business organization vulnerable to regulations noncompliance, litigation, a loss in competitive edge and even embarrassing bad press with long-term ramifications -- the kind that can curb an otherwise promising IT career. And of course, it could also simply mean the information you need to get your job done just isn't there".

More information and details of policies, procedures and technologies that can be used to protect sensitive and confidential data assets from departing employees is available in a whitepaper on the Osterman Research website.

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