Insiders or outsiders, which is the greater threat?

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Historically, the idea of a hacker has always conjured up images of the outsider trying to gain access to government or corporate systems.

But in recent years it's become clear that insiders can present just as big a threat, whether from malicious intent or just careless use of systems.

Data protection company Digital Guardian has produced an infographic examining the different types of threat, the methods they use and the motivation behind them.

Among the highlights are that finance or espionage are among the major motives for attacks, accounting for 89 percent of outsider and 59 percent of insider incidents in 2015. It also shows that while outside attack methods like malware and phishing are more prevalent, it’s insider attacks which prove more costly.

You can see more, including tips for protecting your data from both types of threat, in the full graphic below.

Insider Threats vs. Outsider Threats Cybersecurity Infographic

Infographic by Digital Guardian

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