Create strong passwords and software keys with SterJo Password Generator


Freeware developer SterJo Software has unveiled SterJo Password Generator, a free tool for creating strong and random passwords.

A simple interface enables choosing the length of each password and the type of characters it should include: upper or lower case letters, numbers and/ or special characters.

Clicking "Generate Password" creates a single matching password. The Copy button sends it to the clipboard.

Alternatively, clicking Generate List creates up to 1,000 passwords. The full list can also be copied to the clipboard, or saved as a text report.

So far, so much like many similar tools, but what’s different here is a bonus feature to generate license keys for software developers (think "KW2G5-FV9IC-C6UCM-TZ8BZ-UKPQ4" or "H8WJQ-1YBUL-V8E7G-BPZAK-YERAN".)

Again, you get a few simple options to specify the characters to include (letters and/ or numbers), where any delimiter should be (an "-" every x characters), and optional prefix or suffix strings, maybe to define a product ("PHOTO-BZ0I4-5V3B3-VYBIL-0TFW7").

The program generates from 1 to 1,000 keys in a single operation, and you’re able to copy the full list to the clipboard or save it as a text file.

SterJo Password Generator is available for Windows

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