DevDocs offline API browser now available for desktops


Last month we wrote about DevDocs for Chrome, a free extension which gives access to API documentation for around 200 programming languages and technologies.

Now an unofficial Electron-based applet, DevDocs, brings the service specifically to the desktop, with downloads available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

The program doesn’t require installation. Just download and run it and you can immediately browse documentation for Apache, Bootstrap, C, C++, CSS, Docker, HTML, HTTP, JavaScript, Markdown, Python and many more.

An Offline option enables downloading any or all of the manuals for browsing anywhere, no network connection required.

Is this really necessary? Probably not. There’s something a little odd about installing an Electron app, which is really just an instance of Chromium which can do only one thing, rather than using the regular Chrome extension on a browser you almost certainly have already.

Still, having options is always a good thing, and if you need a desktop-specific app to access DevDocs then the new release is worth a look.

DevDocs is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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