New reporting tool helps businesses unlock key product data

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The importance of data to business decisions is well understood, however, too often companies are relying on outdated intelligence tools which mean they waste time creating reports.

Analytics specialist Mixpanel is looking to help companies unlock their data with the launch of Mixpanel Dashboards.

Dashboards allows users to create and explore unlimited sets of reports so they can view and share their key product metrics in one place. People can access their Dashboards anywhere, from mobile apps and laptops or even on HD displays mounted around the office.

"We created Dashboards so people can get the right information at the right time," says Suhail Doshi, cofounder and CEO of Mixpanel. "With a few clicks, anyone can group the most relevant and important reports together, share those with his or her team and have data-driven conversations about how to build products customers love."

Dashboards gives companies an easy way to organize, search and view KPIs, and to share this information with anyone else at the company. It goes beyond simple visualizations and gives anyone the ability to ask questions, answer them, and take action, all through the same platform.

All top product metrics can be viewed in one place by adding any report to a dashboard of choice. Metrics can be organized by audience so everyone has the information they need to make data-driven decisions for their day-to-day work.

Multiple dashboards can be displayed simultaneously for a custom view of all the metrics that matter at any one moment. This dynamic layout saves time typically spent jumping between dashboards. Plus, there's no need to click through multiple reports to find key information. The system can send SmartAlerts to a mobile device to alert staff when an important metric changes

You can find out more more on the Mixpanel blog.

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