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Linux embedded

An embedded system is a device with a computer inside that doesn't look like a computer. Washing machines, televisions, printers, cars, aircraft, and robots are all controlled by a computer of some sort, and in some cases, more than one. As these devices become more complex, and as our expectations of the things that we can do with them expand, the need for a powerful operating system to control them grows.

The Linux: Embedded Development ebook from Packt Publishing will tell you everything you need to know to leverage the power of Linux to develop captivating and powerful embedded Linux projects. It usually retails for $63 but for a limited time you can get it entirely free.

What You Will Learn:

  • Use the Yocto Project in the embedded Linux development process
  • Get familiar with and customize the bootloader for a board
  • Discover more about real-time layer, security, virtualization, CGL, and LSB
  • See development workflows for the U-Boot and the Linux kernel, including debugging and optimization
  • Understand the open source licensing requirements and how to comply with them when cohabiting with proprietary programs
  • Optimize your production systems by reducing the size of both the Linux kernel and root filesystems
  • Understand device trees and make changes to accommodate new hardware on your device
  • Design and write multi-threaded applications using POSIX threads
  • Measure real-time latencies and tune the Linux kernel to minimize them

To get the book, go here, enter the required details, and click the Download button.

The offer expires on April 26, so act fast.

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