ImageDownloader batch downloads pics from Reddit, Imgur

ImageDownloader ImageDownloader is a portable open-source tool which can batch download images from your favorite subreddit, or Imgur album.

The program arrives as a very compact 396KB download, so it’s no surprise that the interface is basic, just a few tabs and settings for each download task.

The Reddit tab enables choosing your source subreddit, page (Main, Top, New, Rising or Controversial) and post time (last hour, day, week, month, year or all time).


The Imgur source is more straightforward, and just needs the album name.

Both the Reddit and Imgur tabs allow filtering by maximum and minimum height and width, or by aspect ratio.

This is simpler than it sounds, because you can ignore settings that you don’t need. Basic operations start like this.

1. Click the Reddit tab.
2. Type wallpapers in the Subreddit box.
3. Click "Select" and specify an empty folder somewhere.
4. Leave all the other settings at their default.
5. Click Download and watch as the status panel displays what’s happening.

There’s an unusual bonus feature in a Local tab which transfers files from a source to a destination folder, also filtering by size or aspect ratio.

One potential problem is that ImageDownloader uses the Imgur API, and that means it has a numeric limit on the number of queries it -- or you, as defined by your IP address -- can make in a given period. This means it’s not going to be able to download thousands of files in a single operation, and if too many people are using ImageDownloader on a specific day it might stop working for a few hours, until the allowance is reset. The easiest solution is to try again later, although you could also add a custom Imgur ID (see the settings dialog) which would give you your own personal allowance.

ImageDownloader is a free tool for Windows 7 and later.

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