New platform uses behavioral science to cut cyber security risks

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With the right training and knowledge, many cyber attacks can be avoided. Addressing this human aspect of security is the idea behind a new platform from British start-up CybSafe.

Human error is a major cause of data breaches and security training needs to be able to positively change user behavior.

Using intelligent software and proprietary analytics, CybSafe's cloud-based platform learns an individual's knowledge level and their behavior patterns to deliver a personalized e-learning program. Delivered through a mobile app or online, the GCHQ-accredited e-learning platform is aimed at saving businesses money, not just by reducing their risk of falling victim to a security breach, but also by delivering meaningful training that constantly evolves based on current threats.

"Businesses recognize that their own staff represent their greatest security vulnerability, but it’s a problem that is costly and difficult to address and this results in cursory attempts to impart information which rarely has the desired effect," says Oz Alashe MBE, CEO and founder of CybSafe. "CybSafe transforms cyber awareness training from a box-ticking exercise into an immersive, recurring experience that positively changes security-related behavior."

The CybSafe platform is developed by specialists with a broad range of expertise. It uses written content combined with video learning and interactive assessments to make information accessible, maintain engagement and make learning effective.

Simulated cyber attacks are used to assess the level of effectiveness and retention of knowledge and there are regular updates based on the latest threat intelligence. There's a family and friends function too, so users can share the knowledge they’ve gained.

Alashe adds, "Most businesses -- whether they have an information security team or not -- don't have the expertise, capacity or resource to address the human aspect of cyber security properly. The CybSafe platform gives them the edge and helps them more effectively protect their organization. We're harnessing the collective lessons from across the cyber security community and making this available to all."

You can find out more and sign up for a free trial on the CybSafe website.

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