Schedule web pages to open automatically with Open Me Later! for Chrome


If you’re looking to revisit a website later then the obvious solution is to bookmark it. That’s easy, but won’t help much if you forget about the link, or where you saved it.

Open Me Later! is a free Chrome extension which enables scheduling a page to open automatically, as the date and time you specify.


By default this works with the current page. Tap the address bar icon, set a date and time, select "Open Me Later" and your page is added to the "scheduled" list.

Pages can optionally be opened in a new window or tab. They’ll become the active window, either way, which can be distracting. Whatever you’re doing in the current tab, you’ll be switched to the new one as soon as it opens.

The extension may still save you time by, say, opening a common set of work-related tabs at specific times of day. You’re able to set up pages to open daily, or weekly on specific days (Monday to Friday only, for example).

One major limitation is you don’t seem able to apply different settings to each item, beyond its initial time and date. We expected to be able to have URL #1 open in a new tab every day, #2 open in a new window every Saturday, and so on, but no. The settings appear to be global, and apply to every item in the list.

Open Me Later! still has some applications, maybe for scheduling one-time tasks or regularly opening a common set of tabs at a specific time, but probably won’t work for anything more sophisticated.

Open Me Later! is a free extension for Google Chrome.

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