Google just made offline browsing a whole lot easier in Chrome for Android


Offline web browsing is a useful feature, particularly on a smartphone, so it was little surprise when Google added website downloading to the Android version of Chrome. Today the company launches a number of improvements to make the whole process even easier.

The latest update to the app introduces a couple of new ways to download pages for offline viewing. It also provides easier access to the content you have earmarked for offline reading, encouraging more people to make use of the feature.

Google suggests that offline browsing is not only useful for those times when you know you can plan ahead for periods of no signal, but also to ensure you have things to read that won’t eat into your monthly data allowance.

The company reveals what you can find in the latest version of the browser:

First, you can now long press on any link and select "Download link." This feature is also available when you long press an article suggestion on the new tab page.

In addition, the next time you run into Chrome's offline dinosaur, you’ll see the "Download Page Later" button. If you tap it, Chrome will automatically download the page for you when you get back online.

We're also making it easier for you to get back to the content you've downloaded. When you open a new tab, you will see articles that you have downloaded tagged with a new offline badge.  We will also show a list of your recent downloads right on the page for easy access.

To take advantage of the new features you just need to install the latest update to Chrome from Google Play.

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