New solution aids forensic investigation of mobile devices

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Whether it's due to a specific cyber attack, theft of data, or a wider criminal investigation, it's increasingly necessary to be able to capture evidence from mobile devices.

Forensic investigation software specialist Guidance Software is launching a new version of its EnCase product aimed at safely gathering data from mobiles.

EnCase Mobile Investigator allows corporate and law enforcement investigators to use the visibility of EnCase to collect and analyze data from all major smartphones, tablets, and many other mobile device types.

"The number of mobile devices investigated each year has increased nearly tenfold over the past decade," says Ken Basore, senior vice president of product engineering at Guidance. "Organizations, agencies, and courtrooms increasingly rely on the information inside smartphones and tablets, even devices like Amazon Echo and fitness trackers, to provide vital evidence. Whereas investigators previously needed more than one tool to find evidence on multiple device types, EnCase has raised the bar by providing a single solution with the flexibility, visibility, and court-proven history digital forensic investigations demand."

Guidance is also announcing a new release of its EnCase Forensic and EnCase Endpoint Investigator products. Release 8.05 of these products allows investigators to securely acquire critical evidence from cell phones and smartphones from Apple, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows, as well as tablets, GPS systems, and other media devices. EnCase Mobile Investigator works in tandem with other Guidance investigation solutions, allowing users to analyze text messages, photos, emails, app data, deleted data, and other key information.

General availability of all these products is expected at the end of June. You can find more information on the Guidance website.

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