GNOME Recipes for Linux comes to Apple macOS


GNOME is not just a desktop environment, but a collection of apps too. Some are useful, while others... not so much. Case in point, GNOME has a new program called "Recipes." It is quite literally a searchable database of cooking recipes. While there is nothing really wrong with creating such an app, it sort of duplicates the functionality of a search engine, like Google or Bing. If resources were unlimited, I'd say more power to the developers. The open source project largely relies on donations, however, and it could be argued that Recipes is a bit unnecessary.


There is one particularly interesting aspect of Recipes -- it is available for macOS. You see, the developers have successfully ported the app to Apple's desktop operating system. While I'm dubious that Mac users will actually want the app, it is still rather cool.

As you can see below, the app actually looks pretty good on macOS. With that said, the main part of the program does not seem to adhere to the operating system's design principles. In other words, it looks more like a Linux app. It would be nice if it could be properly designed to look like it belongs on Apple's operating system. Maybe that will be done in the future -- if the developers decide to make the Mac port a serious focus, that is.

Want to try Recipes for macOS yourself? You can download it here.


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